What to Expect From the Texas Nurse Aide Registry

What to Expect From the Texas Nurse Aide

Before you start studying for the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) exam, you’ll want to know
what to expect. This article explains the exam’s structure, the requirements to pass it, and
guests/visitors. You’ll also learn what to expect during the exam, such as the number of
questions on each subject, the amount of time you have to finish each question, and whether or
not you have expired or revoked status.

Exam structure

If you have already registered for the Nurse Aide registry in Texas, you can check on your exam
results from Pearson VUE by visiting your state’s website. The National Council of State Boards
of Nursing (NCSBN) is the body that administers the exam. This state board does not tolerate
any discrimination based on protected characteristics, such as race or gender. This is why you
should not worry about taking the examination by telephone or using any other means to obtain
the results.

The exam will include a skills evaluation that evaluates your ability to perform a variety of duties
in a work environment. The actual caregiving environment will be modeled to match the
simulation. The Pearson VUE examination scores will be issued as a PASS or FAIL. Once
you’ve taken the exam, the results are posted online within hours, and you’ll be able to print
them out if you like.

Requirements to pass

If you’re interested in getting certified as a nurse aide in Texas, the next step is to pass the
state’s nursing aide examination. The state’s Board of Nursing administers the examination, and
Pearson VUE is the testing provider for this state. While the test is administered at Pearson VUE
testing centers, it is important to know the exact location of each testing site and that you can’t
use your personal equipment while you take the examination. You must leave a call signal in the
client’s reach if you leave.

If you fail the exam, you can appeal the decision in writing. You must include as much
information as possible. The state nurse aide agency will investigate your grievance within 30
days. In some cases, you may be required to follow up with the test center and the Evaluator. If
this occurs, you can request a retest for free. If there are technical difficulties with the testing
center, you will have to wait five to seven business days for the official report.


Visitors and guests are not allowed to bring any personal equipment to the test site. The client is
the person who will receive care. When leaving the client, guests/visitors must place a call signal
within their reach. Guests/visitors are responsible for contacting the test center with any
questions. Scores from the Written Examination and Skills Evaluation are indicated on your
Pearson VUE account, and indicate whether you passed or failed the exam.
Guests/visitors are not allowed to bring children or pets. A sample of the Written Examination
can be found in the handbook. This sample contains the types of questions you’ll see on the
Exam. You can check your answers by checking the boxes next to the questions. The revised
content outline is based on the 2014 Nurse Aide Job Analysis and the 2015 Nurse Aide
Knowledge Study, which were conducted by Pearson Vue in January 2016.

Expired/revoked status

If you want to check your state nurse aide’s expired/revoked status, you need to know how to
obtain it. The Texas Nurse Aide Registry is maintained by the state Department of Health and
Human Services. This website will allow you to confirm if your nurse aide is certified or not. It
also offers online test registration. To do this, you should log in to the website and print the
relevant document.

To check your certification status, visit the Texas Nurse Aide Registry website. This website lists
the status of every certified nursing assistant in Texas. This information can be found by using
your nurse aid registry number. If your nurse aide certification status is suspended or revoked, it
means that you’re not employed by a licensed nursing facility. If your certification is suspended
or revoked, you must retrain and retest to regain your active status. You can reinstate your
Texas nurse aide certification within 24 months after expiration.

Grievance process

If you are not satisfied with the results of your Texas Nurse Aide Registry test, you may file a
Grievance. You should provide as much information as possible about the reason for the failure.
In most cases, you will be contacted within 30 days of filing your grievance. If the grievance is
unfounded, the agency must investigate the matter and determine if you are eligible to retake
the examination.

There are several ways to make your grievance heard. First of all, you should understand the
nature of Pearson VUE’s practice of not letting you take your personal devices to the testing site.
While you cannot use your mobile phone to call the test, you must place a signal within the reach
of your client. You may also choose to send a letter of complaint to the company, stating your
reasons for a negative outcome.

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