University of Phoenix – Orlando Commencement

University of Phoenix – Orlando Commencement

In the past, the University of Phoenix (UOP) has ranked as one of the top higher education institutions. The university’s mission is to provide higher education to working adults who want to further their careers. More than one million alumni have graduated from the school. The university is hosting commencement ceremonies this spring. Some questions that might arise are the number of guests allowed to attend, who will be speaking at the ceremony, and how much the education costs.

Limitation of guests at university of phoenix orlando commencement

If you are interested in attending a University of Phoenix commencement ceremony, the details are outlined below. Guests are limited to eight per graduate. The commencement ceremony will last 90 minutes. Students should plan accordingly. After the date is set, the university will send out an email with the details of the commencement.

UOP’s commencement will be held on April 24, 2021, at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona. The ceremony will feature University of Phoenix President Peter Cohen, Provost and Chief Academic Officer Dr. John Woods, and UOP alumnus Larry Fitzgerald, who graduated from the university in 2016. Attendance will be limited to graduates who pre-registered to attend the ceremony.

Speakers at commencement

University of Phoenix holds a graduation ceremony for its undergraduate and graduate students once a year. The event will feature several speakers, including University of Phoenix President Peter Cohen, Provost John Woods, and former NFL quarterback Larry Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald will dedicate his diploma to his late mother. In addition to the live graduation ceremony, the University will also host a virtual commencement and other ceremonies in the future.

University of Phoenix has become one of the nation’s most popular institutions for higher education. The institution is dedicated to providing quality education to working adults. Its graduates are able to maintain their jobs while pursuing a degree. Approximately 68 percent of all UOP graduates continue to work while they study, while more than one million people have become alumni. This year, University of Phoenix is preparing to host 14 commencements in Orlando. Kent Fuchs will host the ceremonies.


The University of Phoenix is one of the few schools in the country that offers a degree online. Its graduation rate is about 15 percent, a number that is very high. The school’s graduate salaries are comparable to average earnings for students in Florida and the country. The school also offers special learning opportunities to its students. The table below highlights some of them.

In 2015, the school graduated 1,945 students. Of these, 35.4% were able to earn their bachelor’s degree six years after starting the program. However, 37.0% were able to finish the degree in two years. This is well above the “on-time” graduation rate, which is usually four years. This means that UOPX graduates students faster than the average college.

The University of Phoenix-Florida’s tuition rates are relatively affordable. Undergraduates pay $9,552 per year, while graduate students pay $16,752 a year. There are no campus housing facilities, and the school’s average 10 year earning is $54,900. The highest-paid graduates in the school’s graduate programs are Registered Nurses, earning $86,100 on average.

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