Top 5 English Websites For Teachers

Top 5 English Websites For Teachers

If you’re a teacher of English, you can find helpful websites on the subject through the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. The organization’s website is a valuable resource for educators and includes pointers on how to align curriculum with national standards. You can also purchase books and PDFs from the Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition, which offers articles and information about the latest trends in language education. These sites offer a wealth of information for teachers, including teaching strategies and how-to articles.

using English has numerous resources for English language teachers and students. It offers a wide range of materials ranging from worksheets for students to grammar rules. Teachers can also access lesson plans and other resources for lesson planning. Most resources are free, though some may require registration. using English also provides a forum for English language teachers and students, which is an invaluable resource in the classroom. To get the most out of using English, you may sign up for a free account and get access to the various articles and tools.

Using ELL websites is a great way to supplement your lesson plans. You can use the information on these websites to tailor your lesson plans to your students’ interests. In addition, many of the sites cover a broad theme, which makes them useful for planning lessons. Using these sites can also help you plan activities that are fun for both students and teachers. They also help students develop their language skills and confidence. You may not have to spend a lot of time and effort on creating lesson plans from scratch, but they will help you make the process as easy as possible.

There are many free resources available for teachers of English. The Purdue OWL is one example of a free, useful resource. It covers grammar and writing styles and also offers handouts and online practices. Another website for teachers is Kahoot, which allows teachers to create exciting trivia quizzes for students. Kahoot also works well with tablets and is an easy way for English teachers to integrate technology into their teaching.

ESL Printables

Whether you’re using traditional worksheets or digital resources, ESL Printables for Teachers will help you reach your student’s goals. These activities lay the groundwork for primary handwriting practice by focusing on language, behavior, math, and social skills. ESL Printables for Teachers make teaching a foreign language fun and engaging! Try some of these activities out! Let us know what you think! What does ESL Printables for Teachers do?

The best websites for free ESL worksheets are those that focus on grammar. All Things Grammar is a great choice. With a handy A-Z list on its home page, this site also offers a ton of fun printables, such as classroom attendance sheets, calendars, and lesson planners. You can even find certificates to reward students for completing tasks in class. All Things Grammar also offers free worksheets for teaching all areas of English, including reading, writing, and grammar.

For younger learners, you can try crossword puzzles to practice spelling and vocabulary. These are a great way to boost students’ vocabulary and create a fun environment. Alternatively, you can write the answers on the board to make it easier for students to solve them. If you are teaching ESL to adults, consider buying supplementary materials for a class that would otherwise have none. ESL Printables for Teachers are available in a variety of formats, and many sites offer them for free.

5 Minute English

The series of mini-lessons in 5 Minute English for Teachers focuses on different aspects of the language. Each lesson is short, meaningful, and challenging, and is intended to be used by students for self-study. Each lesson contains a quiz, so teachers can gauge their students’ progress. New mini-lessons will be added weekly. For more information, visit These mini-lessons can be downloaded to a computer for free.

In order to achieve success, a student must find a method that is enjoyable and easy to learn. This way, they are more likely to continue with the lessons and achieve fluency. Otherwise, they will give up. The same goes for teachers. If a lesson is too difficult, it will discourage students. Hence, 5 Minute English for Teachers is the perfect solution for this type of problem. It is available for teachers in several languages and levels.

Common Sense Media

Teachers and parents should know about Common Sense Media websites. The nonprofit organization is dedicated to helping kids grow up healthy, safe, and smart in a world full of media. Their educational resources offer unbiased information, trusted advice, and innovative tools that teach kids about the world we live in. These sites also provide valuable teaching materials for digital citizenship. Common Sense also hosts several top movie lists and TV show reviews. If you’re not sure how to incorporate Common Sense Media into your classroom curriculum, you should start with Common Sense Education.

The nonprofit offers tools for online teaching, lessons on digital communication, and other resources for teachers. Whether you’re planning a virtual lesson or planning a school closure, you’ll find the right tools for your classroom. Common Sense has also curated a list of top picks for teachers, as well as resources to help educators teach even when school is closed. The organization also has a research-based Digital Citizenship Curriculum, which is used by more than 850,000 K-12 teachers across the U.S. and abroad.

There’s something for every teacher to find at Common Sense. The website is well-designed and packed with content. You can sign up as a teacher or a family member, search by grade level, and even search by topic. There’s content for every topic imaginable, from emotional well-being to math, reading, and writing. Additionally, you can watch live events and attend field trips on the site.


If you’re a teacher of English as a second language (ESL) or you’re looking for a fun way to help your students develop their language skills, Quizlet is a great choice. The site’s customizable word sets and resources make it easy for you to help students master new words and phrases. There are varying levels of access, so there’s something for everyone. Teachers can use the site free of charge, while students can get access to the premium version of the site.

The site was designed for teachers, but it can also be used by students for any subject. Students can create their own flashcards or choose from millions of others’ creations. It provides several study modes and features including text-to-speech audio prompts and images. The website is compatible with both desktop computers and mobile devices, and teachers can create custom study sets that cater to their students’ learning styles.

Quizlet is ideal for group projects. For example, if students are learning about rockets, they can be grouped together by subject. Assign each group a specific area to research. The first student could research what materials are needed to create a rocket. In the next group, the second student would research why NASA launches rockets. This way, the students can work collaboratively and create a study set that addresses a common need.

Twinkl Education Publishing

An educational publishing company, Twinkl produces award-winning teaching resources for elementary, middle, and secondary school students. Founded in 2010, this company now serves millions of subscribers worldwide. Their websites feature award-winning lessons, planning, and assessment resources. Besides a wide range of teaching materials, Twinkl also offers fun, educational resources for the entire family, including games and crafts. Their resources range from the elementary level to secondary school and all subject areas.

The website features a blog for teachers, instructional videos to help teachers use teaching resources, and a YouTube channel for teachers. Teachers can sign up for a free membership to access a daily list of new ideas. It also includes tips for new and experienced teachers. In addition, the Imagine area of Twinkl’s website offers ideas and activities for every day of the week, promoting in-depth learning and discussion among students.

The website features 525,000 educational resources and is updated daily. There are both free and paid resources, with affordable memberships and site licenses. Teachers can even use Twinkl’s Universal Thinking Framework, a set of planning tools to help pupils understand and apply new concepts. Parents can also use its printable resources to engage their children, helping them to grasp and retain the curriculum content. The website also features free resources for teachers, including a set of interactive games and other tools that help educators enhance their teaching practice.


There are three main reasons why a DaDa teacher would want to work in a Chinese school. The company is unethical and has a history of paying teachers less than they are worth. The company has also restructured its pay structure, meaning that time slots are becoming more limited, and new bookings are less frequent. The company also lacks communication and support. If you’re thinking of applying to DaDa, here are the details:

DaDaABC requires teachers to sign a contract and commit to teaching for two hours a day. Some teachers teach for 15 hours a month, while others want to work for just two. However, the hours you work will depend on your timezone, since DaDa operates from 6 p.m. Beijing Time on weekdays and nine a.m. on weekends. DaDa English Wedsites for Teachers typically require a commitment of up to 10 hours per month.

To apply for a position with DaDa, teachers should prepare a 30-minute teaching demo with a live student. The teacher demo is an important part of the application process, as it helps the company determine if they are suitable for the job and will pay well. Applicants should create an engaging background and include prompts in their teaching. If you are applying to a school in China, you can find out more about DaDa by logging in to their website.

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