Three Technical Colleges With Dorms

Three Technical Colleges With Dorms

There are many benefits to attending a technical college with dorms, so it’s worth considering where you’ll live. Here are three examples of schools that have dorms: Ranken Technical College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Keenan Technical College in Chicago; and Southwest Wisconsin Technical College & SWTC Real Estate Foundation. You can also find affordable housing options through online sites. But where can you find the best dorms?

Ranken Technical College

While Ranken Technical College offers many accommodations, its dorms are a great place to live during the semester. The college does not discriminate based on race, national origin, or ancestry. It is also non-discriminatory regarding gender, sexual orientation, or disability. All students must sign a contract with the Residential Life Office before moving in. If the housing contract is not renewed in time, the room charges will continue to accrue.

Ranken’s dorms are located on the first floor of the Finney building. These rooms are fully furnished and feature a variety of amenities. Whether you want a room with a full kitchen or a single room, you’ll find a suitable option. Dorms are located just a short walk from the dining hall, which offers various meal plans. While you’re studying in a dorm, you can relax in your room and enjoy your college experience.

Residents of Walker Hall are required to have health insurance coverage. The college does not provide health insurance for its students, so it’s imperative to get covered. Ranken Technical College also requires that you submit proof of meningitis vaccination before moving in. This vaccination must be renewed every four years. You also need to be COVID-vaccinated by the Fall of 2021 to live in a dorm.

Ranken Technical College has dorm facilities for its students to live in while attending classes. Those who choose to live in the college’s residence halls should remember that they are responsible for their behavior. However, they must be considerate of other residents and staff. Disruptive behavior is considered disruptive behavior and includes excessive noise or distracting behavior. Any activity that impedes sleep, studying, or performing general tasks should be avoided. Additionally, the College reserves the right to remove stereos and musical instruments from rooms. Any false information may lead to the revocation of the contract and disciplinary action.

Ranken Technical College provides students with basic furnishings. Rooms may have a desk, chair, bed frame with mattress, and chest of drawers. Students with closets are also given an Internet connection. The College agrees to provide trash service. If students leave trash in the common areas, they will face disciplinary action. If you are late with making the payment, you must contact the College’s Residential Life Office.


If you are interested in attending Keenan Technical College, then you will want to know about the dorms on campus. The school has three residence halls, each one with its own unique style and feel. The first, Keenan Hall, was built in 1957. It is attached to rival Stanford Hall and next door to Zahm Hall. This dorm was originally designed as a freshmen dorm. Keenan Hall is named after James Keenan ’13, who donated funds to build it. His son, James Keenan Jr., has also donated to the college. After a couple of years, it was converted to a residence hall for male freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Students living in Keenan Hall enjoy many activities, including performing the annual Keenan Revue. The event is a variety show that is performed on campus in the O’Laughlin Auditorium. Often sparked campus controversy, the Keenan Revue is one of the college’s most popular dorm events. The show was first performed in November 1976 and has become one of the most viewed events on campus.

Morey Hall

Morey Hall, a college dorm with a student center, is in the middle of a sweeping sanitation project. It involves staff members sanitizing doorknobs and surfaces. The cleanup will continue into Thursday when dorm resident assistants will distribute bottled water. The college is undergoing the cleanup and has not announced an end to the project. The health department is currently investigating the outbreak.

Students can check their mail at the front desk of Morey Hall and Richards Hall. Morey Hall has a mail drop behind the front desk. During the mail pickup, students can also pick up packages. When students receive packages, they can also email themselves to find out what they have received. Lastly, students can prepare meals in their dorms by checking out kitchen equipment from the front desk.

Many students enjoy the cozy lounge located in Morey Hall, which is popular among students. This lounge features a mix of upperclassmen and freshmen. Freshmen are assigned floors on the second and third floors, making them more desirable for freshmen. The lounge is accessible between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, while weekends require a keycard. Those who want to visit can also use the library at Morey.

In addition to the main campus, Morey Hall is also located at the college’s southwest corner. Students living in Morey Hall are provided with large traditional units as well as suite-style rooms. The residence halls are close to campus facilities, and residents are provided with Resident Assistants on each floor. Students living in Bare Residence Halls are also given access to staff members from 8 p.m. to midnight every day of the academic calendar.

Southwest Wisconsin Technical College & SWTC Real Estate Foundation

Southwest Wisconsin Technical College is a technical college in Fennimore, WI that serves the surrounding communities. Its service area is comprised of 30 school districts including Crawford, Grant, Iowa, Lafayette, Richland, Sauk, and parts of Dane and Milwaukee counties. Students who attend SWTC are expected to work on technical skills and earn a certificate or associate’s degree while working on a professional degree in their chosen field.

Currently, the school is building dorms for students in a residential setting. These facilities are operated by the Southwest Wisconsin Technical College and SWTC Real Estate Foundation. The foundation is partnering with Midwest Builders of Fennimore to complete two eight-bed duplexes in time for fall 2019. Students will move into the new dorms in September 2019, allowing them to live in them before class begins.

A new apartment building will bring 32 new students to the school, increasing the college’s total student population to 92. The foundation board of directors decided to move forward with the project after reviewing student waiting lists. The new dorms are located off-campus and are designed to accommodate a variety of needs. The Southwest Tech Real Estate Foundation has donated more than $18 million in real estate and donated property to support the school.

Students can also participate in various on-campus clubs and organizations. They can use the resources of the college to create a resume or make new friends. In addition to dorms and apartments, Southwest Tech offers students a variety of on-campus activities. Charley’s CafĂ©, for example, is the center of Student Life, where students can study, watch TV, or play video games. Southwest Tech also offers a fitness center on campus. Walking trails and disc golf courses are available to students.

Donors are also a great way to support the college. The Foundation accepts in-kind gifts of materials, supplies, and services. These donations will help improve the educational experience for students at Southwest Tech. For the first time, this foundation is accepting in-kind gifts from companies such as Jim’s Building Center and TC Networks. They want to improve educational opportunities for all students, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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