The Best Digital Whiteboard For Teaching

The Best Digital Whiteboard For Teaching

The Best Digital Whiteboard For Teaching depends on the needs of the teachers. Teachers can use them in the classroom, outside the classroom, or even for distance learning. Before purchasing, teachers should first decide whether a digital whiteboard is necessary for their teaching goals. If so, they should consider the features and prices of different digital whiteboards before making a purchase. Read on to learn more. Here are some of the features and advantages of digital whiteboards.


Those who use the digital whiteboard in their classrooms are in luck! The latest versions of Moqups are compatible with a variety of platforms, including browsers, smartphones, and tablets. Users can also preview their whiteboards while using video conferencing programs, export them as PDFs, or create web projects. Other features of the Moqups digital whiteboard include templates, nested folders, and the ability to store crucial positions. The platform also allows you to manage your agile workflow and virtual workshops.

The Moqups app has an intuitive user interface that allows even the most novice users to use it with ease. It works well with browsers, iPads, and Android and iOS devices, and supports video conferencing applications like Zoom. The app also lets you preview your whiteboard and export it as PDF or PNG files. It also lets you share it with other users via email or link, so students and teachers can collaborate on the same project.

If you’re a teacher, a digital whiteboard will make your job easier. It makes teamwork easier and allows you to doodle and explain complex topics. Additionally, an educational whiteboard is a great tool for launching an online course. If you want to make money through it, try Graphy, a recent initiative of Unacademy. It helps educators create and sell their own courses, and can help them reach a global audience.

Explain Everything

The most effective way to get students to learn something new is with the use of a tool such as Explain Everything on a digital whiteboard. This tool is versatile, allowing teachers to create content, assign tasks, and share interactive content in a number of ways. This tool allows students to self-assess the content they create by watching the playback or listening to it. As a result, students remain actively engaged throughout the learning process.

Students can also create their own multimedia presentations using Explain Everything. This is especially helpful for flipped and virtual scenarios. Teachers can use Explain Everything as the backbone of their course content for general course information or as a teaching tool for students. This tool also supports interactive broadcasts and can be integrated with popular Learning Management Systems, including Moodle and Schoology. In addition, teachers can even record their presentations to share with colleagues.

Teachers can customize their presentations by using different styles of illustrations and other multimedia. For instance, they can choose to use a background or a logo as a backdrop, or insert a video or image for a more dynamic presentation. Because Explain Everything is designed with students in mind, it is easy to customize and save different layouts for each slide. If you’re a teacher, the app also provides support for PowerPoint files.


A digital whiteboard is a useful teaching tool that has many advantages. These tools are easy to use and can be customized to match your teaching style. They don’t require chalk or markers and can be connected to the internet for a wide variety of resources and interesting lessons. A connected digital whiteboard is perfect for an online classroom since it offers unlimited space and allows you to upload media files and customized templates. The best part of digital whiteboards is that they offer instant feedback. Students learn faster when they get instant feedback from a teacher.

Teachers can also record and replay lessons. Many models include video chat and audio recording for better collaboration and learning. Other digital whiteboards include notes and images, as well as session data and timesheets. Bramble is a hybrid of the best teaching tools. However, it’s worth mentioning that many of these products also include an app that will let you record tutorials. In addition to recording tutorials, you can also record lectures or other activities on the device.

Google created Jamboard for ease of use. It works on any device and supports drag-and-drop whiteboard editing. Jamboard is available on computers, iPads, Android devices, and iOS. It also supports Zoom video conferencing software. You can even import and edit your whiteboard with the click of a button. Some of these apps also allow you to view your lesson on other devices and grant others view-only permission.


Using Conceptboard as a digital whiteboard for teaching has several advantages. For one, it’s easy to assign action items to students, track progress, and use features such as @mentioning. Teachers can also create boards with sections and pre-made templates to improve the layout of their content. And, because of its cloud collaboration features, you can work with multiple people at once. So, it’s easy to use even if you’re on the go.

Another feature that makes it an excellent teaching tool is that it’s free to use, making it perfect for classrooms where everyone can participate in the lesson. You can also create a mind map and upload images for visuals and examples. You can also attach names to cursors and see what everyone else is working on. In addition, the Conceptboard can be shared with students and colleagues via a secure connection, which is ideal for classrooms.

Another feature that makes Conceptboard so versatile is its ability to handle multi-page designs. Its flexible software lets you add video and audio content, and even create sections on the board. The system also supports collaboration, allowing you to see how many boards and projects are open and completed. Aside from that, Conceptboard lets you create unlimited boards and allows you to share content with anyone with the appropriate administrative role. There are several options available, including free, paid, and enterprise plans.


The Jamboard digital whiteboard is a great tool for brainstorming in a classroom. Teachers can use the sticky notes feature to allow students to write on the screen and drag them to the appropriate section. The Jamboard allows teachers to create three columns for students to examine different ideas. Students can then use the highlighting feature to highlight specific ideas. The board has a variety of useful features that make it a versatile tool for teaching.

The software also lets you save work to a PDF file. Then, anyone with the link can review it. This eliminates the problem of dog-eating homework or missing assignments. The Jamboard also supports collaborative notes and has features that make it ideal for video call breakout rooms. The software also has a laser tool that directs the attention of students to important details. Although Jamboard doesn’t have video embedding capabilities, it can be used with Google Docs.

One of the great features of Jamboard is that it is public. Anyone with an Internet connection can view the content created on the board. This feature allows students to visually depict their learning experiences and provides teachers with valuable feedback on student comprehension. Jamboard is great for collaboration in any setting, whether it’s a classroom or a home. It offers many benefits that make it the ideal tool for teachers. It is a great teaching tool for both novice and expert teachers alike.

eBeam Smartmarker Complete

If you want to capture your class notes in real time, the eBeam Smartmarker Complete is the right choice for you. It works with standard Expo(r) dry erase markers and includes a multi-charging cradle for all your digital markers. It captures live notes over Bluetooth, allowing for collaborative work between you and your students. It also works with any whiteboard surface, including chalkboards and receptacles. It works with all standard whiteboard surfaces and includes a Multi-Charge Cradle, making it easy to charge.

The eBeam Smartmarker Complete comes with an app that lets you write on the whiteboard from your computer. With a wireless connection, you can easily send and receive your notes from anywhere in the world. The app also saves your notes to your computer. With this smartboard, you no longer need to purchase special markers because you can use any dry erase marker. The system also comes with a Bluetooth adaptor, USB dongle, and digital eraser. The eBeam Smartmarker Complete is compatible with Windows 7, MAC, and Apple products.

The eBeam Edge+ transforms a standard whiteboard into an interactive teaching environment. You can project, capture, edit, and distribute content through this device. The eBeam Edge+ also enables you to make any screen interactive. With a wireless connection, the eBeam Smartmarker Edge+ is compatible with Windows computers and projectors. The eBeam Smartmarker Complete also includes a large eraser and four marker sleeves. Besides a digital whiteboard, the eBeam Edge also offers an eco-friendly solution, reducing waste and enabling teachers to save time.

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