Sheridan College Offers A Lucrative Bachelor’s Degree In Information Systems Security

Sheridan College Offers A Lucrative Bachelor’s Degree In Information Systems Security

The growing amount of traffic on the Internet has created a massive demand for information systems security professionals. A bachelor’s degree in this area can prepare you for this industry with Sheridan’s Honours BAISc program. The program offers small, dynamic classes, innovative courses, and an eight-month co-op term that gives students real-world job experience. With this degree, you can find a lucrative career in this growing field!

Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences (Information Systems Security) at Sheridan College

A degree in information systems security is highly sought-after in today’s world. A bachelor’s degree in this field offers excellent preparation for a rewarding career, as well as a stellar reputation among employers. The Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences in Information Systems Security at Sheridan College is available on a full-time or part-time basis, with the full-time program taking about four years (8 semesters). The program is structured around the International Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISSCC) standards and includes both an internship and field placement.

Students who pursue this program will take a range of courses in computer security, ethical hacking, network security, and more. The curriculum is composed of courses that cover computer science, security, and programming, as well as mathematics and computer science. An eight-month internship is required between years three and four. The final course is a graduate-level project in the field of information systems security.

Online program

As the threat of cybercrime is growing, Toronto-area post-secondary schools are ramping up their computer security offerings. It even came up in the recent presidential debate, which has increased interest in the field. Nicholas Johnston, a professor in the School of Applied Computing at Sheridan College, says the school’s information systems security program doubled in enrollment last fall. The course draws students right out of high school with an interest in technology and computer security.

The Information Systems Security degree at Sheridan is a four-year program that provides students with an understanding of computer science. They can then specialize in information systems security, a branch of information science that involves managing risks to electronically processed and stored data. Students can expect to study database security, resource protection, and network security, as well as learn about applied cryptography, technical and legal issues. For those looking to get a career in this growing field, Sheridan is an excellent option.

Part-time program

The Bachelor of Arts in Information Systems Security at Sheridan College will prepare you to join this rapidly growing field. This program combines online study with classroom sessions held on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Students may complete the program in four nine-week terms, or they can complete it over eight terms. Both full-time and part-time students can complete the program in four years, with a co-op term of eight months, giving them real-world job experience.

Students interested in this field will benefit from Sheridan’s strong partnerships with local companies. These partnerships provide students with internships and hands-on training that prepare them for a global job market. The curriculum is based on the International Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISSCC) standards, which ensure that students learn industry best practices. The Bachelor of Arts in Information Systems Security at Sheridan provides students with hands-on experience and a strong background in information security and information technology.

Strong partnerships with employers

Students at the Sheridan College of Information Systems Security are equipped with the necessary entry-level skills to work in the field. Students can apply their classroom knowledge in various placements, ranging from small businesses to large corporations. This internship allows students to exercise personal responsibility, work in teams, and make decisions. Students can also opt for a work placement in Japan. The College has excellent relationships with the Japanese government and private companies.

Sheridan has a highly qualified faculty, with academic credentials and real-world experience. Students benefit from networking labs that rival those of large corporations. The proposed Bachelor of Applied Information Science (Information Systems Security) degree will equip graduates with the skills needed for progressive careers in the field. Students can pursue ISSA membership as an option upon graduation. The institute also encourages graduate membership in ISSA, a professional organization that brings together cyber security professionals and organizations in the industry.


An information systems security degree from Sheridan is highly sought after. With the vast growth of the internet, there is a high demand for qualified and experienced individuals in this field. The Honours BAISc program provides students with the education and experience to enter this industry and secure data for a range of companies. Students will benefit from a small class size, unique course offerings, and an eight-month co-op term. These internships will give students hands-on experience.

After completing the program, graduates will receive a certificate from Sheridan recognizing the completion of their post-secondary education. In addition, employees will receive a step increase in compensation upon completing five core courses. This is one way to recognize post-secondary education and increase compensation at Sheridan. This certificate is also recognized by many employers. Further, graduates will be eligible for other Sheridan programs without further language testing.

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