Queens Chancellor Scholarship – Application Deadline and Requirements

Queens Chancellor Scholarship – Application Deadline and Requirements

Are you planning to apply for Queens Chancellor Scholarship this year? Are you looking for the application deadline and the requirements? Read on to discover more. This article will also tell you more about the Recipients of this scholarship and the Schools that can nominate students. Listed below are the most important facts to remember:

Application deadline

The Queens Chancellor Scholarship application deadline falls on the first day of January. To be considered for this scholarship, you must be a full-time undergraduate student at a university in Canada or a Canadian territory. You must be accepted into the program prior to the application deadline. However, there is an exception: if your application is denied, you still have time to appeal the decision. Applicants must submit all their documents by December 1 of their first year.

Applicants must be nominated by their school, notify Ms. Gillam of their interest in applying, and complete a detailed application form. The application is submitted online through Queen’s SOLUS Student Centre. The application deadline is January 1 of each year, although this may change over time. Please note that you must meet all admission requirements in order to be considered for a scholarship. In addition, you must be a full-time student.

Once you have your completed application, you will be asked to write a personal statement highlighting your community service. This statement should demonstrate how your efforts have made a difference in the community. To demonstrate your contribution to society, explain your involvement in an organization. Try to use the STAR structure. For example, if you were an initiator of a new initiative, write about how you took it further by leading the initiative.

Students who plan to study at Queen University Belfast must apply for the Vice-Chancellor’s International Attainment Scholarship. This scholarship is available to international fee-paying students only. To be considered, you must be a full-time undergraduate student, and you must apply by the UCAS deadline. Please note that applicants must be accepted and must have completed their online application forms. If you are accepted, you will receive your application letter within a month.


If you are applying for a Queens Chancellor Scholarship, there are a number of requirements you must meet to be eligible to receive a scholarship. Applicants must be nominated by their high school and be enrolled in full-time studies. The award is based on leadership and commitment, and you must demonstrate these qualities in your application. Here are some tips to help you write a strong essay. Keep in mind that the essay must be written in English.

To apply for a Queen’s Chancellor Scholarship, you must be enrolled full-time, and have a GPA of at least 3.5. This scholarship does not allow recipients to receive other merit-based scholarships. In addition to meeting the eligibility requirements, you must submit a detailed application form. In addition, you must be entering your first year of undergraduate studies at Queen’s University. Second-year CEGEP students can also apply.

After receiving your nomination from your school, you must notify Ms. Gillam of your interest in the scholarship. Then, you must complete one application in MAA (Multiple Admission Application), which must be completed online through the Queen’s SOLUS Student Centre. The application deadline is in Fall 2021, and the next application cycle will be in the Fall of 2022-2023. If you have already received an award, you may want to review your eligibility criteria for major admission awards. Developing a response in advance will save you time when submitting your online application in SOLUS.

Exceptional international students can apply for the Vice Chancellor’s International Attainment Scholarship. This scholarship will be deducted from your gross tuition fees each year. You must enroll in a degree program by the start date specified in your offer. To qualify, you must be enrolled in a full-time undergraduate program and must be a non-UK citizen. The scholarship will not be awarded to students receiving full funding from external sponsorship bodies.


Emma Dupuis, a Grade 12 student from Mattawa, Ont., has been awarded a $36,000 scholarship by Queen’s University in Kingston. The Chancellor’s Scholarship is one of the 50 awards the university bestows on deserving students. To apply, students must have at least 90 percent in grades and be nominated by their high school. Dupuis has been recognized by her school for her leadership skills, involvement in community activities, and academic excellence.

The Department of Geography offers several scholarships. This award is made to a full-time graduate student in Geography who demonstrates academic excellence and has a desire to do meaningful research or study. Applications must be submitted by the deadline of 31 October. If you’re interested in applying for one of these awards, contact the Office of the University Registrar to learn more. Scholarship recipients will be notified of the selection committee about eight weeks prior to the competition deadline.

The Queens Chancellor Scholarship application process is competitive, and it’s important to note that the admission requirements for QuARMS are separate from the requirements for the Chancellor’s Scholarship. Students must still complete all admission requirements for the program they’re interested in, as well as the Supplementary Essay. Although early offers of admission are still considered for major admission awards, the deadline for this application is different from the deadline for the Major Admission Awards Application.

Applicants must be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants to be eligible for the Queens Chancellor Scholarship. While the University doesn’t offer fellowship support, many of these awards are available for international students and are worth a few thousand dollars a year. There are similar requirements for other Queen’s University internal awards. The Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund is another matching program for international undergraduate students. However, the Queen’s Chancellor Scholarship is the most highly-coveted award for undergraduates.

The University offers more than one scholarship, with over 400 recipients each year. These recipients must be from an eligible community, be of Canadian Indigenous descent, or have exceptional academic performance. In addition to the Queen’s Chancellor Scholarship, the Queen’s University is also the recipient of the David L. Lindsay Scholarship. The award is made in memory of the late former deputy minister of Ontario, David Lindsay. The Scholarship is awarded to students pursuing a Master’s degree in public administration, and applicants must have an interest in natural resources, the environment, or in the professional field of public administration.

Schools that can nominate students

To qualify for the Queens Chancellor Scholarship, high schools must nominate a student who has met the eligibility criteria. The school must also have a class size of no more than 250 students and must have one or more QuARMS candidates. QuARMS allows students who are Chancellor’s Scholarship nominees to enter medical school after just two years of undergraduate study. The award is valued at approximately $10,000.

The Paul Klapper Scholarship is provided by friends and staff of Queens College to honor the late Professor Herbert Bienstock. It honors the student’s commitment to a life of scholarly achievement, moral integrity, and good citizenship. The Retirees’ Association also provides this scholarship to a graduating senior who plans to pursue graduate study. In addition, two or three graduating seniors can receive the Joan Thornton McManus Memorial Prize, which honors a student’s academic excellence.

Schools that can nominate students for Queens-Chancellor Scholarships are required to submit an application letter, current transcript, and resume. No other materials will be considered. No materials other than the application letter and resume will be considered. The selection committee, chaired by the Head of Political Studies, will consist of the Departments of Economics, History, and Political Studies, as well as a representative from the Senate Committee on Scholarships and Student Aid.

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