Orientation For Paramedics in Southern California

Orientation For Paramedics in Southern California

Upon successful completion of a Paramedic Studies Program, students are prepared for employment as a paramedic. They will possess specific knowledge, proficiency, and skills related to the paramedic field, as well as the requisite theoretical rationale and critical thinking skills. The curriculum combines classroom, hospital, and field experiences for students, and emphasizes integration of all aspects of the paramedic industry. Students will acquire a strong foundation in math and oral communication.


Moreno Valley College offers an Orientation for Paramedic Program in the Southern California area. This program prepares individuals for careers as entry-level paramedics, but also gives them the advanced skills needed for a successful career. The program meets Monday through Wednesday for twelve months, and requires pre-registration four weeks before the program starts. To attend Orientation, applicants must complete and submit their application by the deadline. Applications can be dropped off at the Ben Clark campus.

Once accepted into the Paramedic Program, prospective students must pass a criminal background check, a drug panel screening, and a physical examination. The paramedic academy requires students to complete the immunization requirements before starting their classes. The student must have proof of the required vaccinations and titers before attending classes. During orientation, students will also learn about upcoming classes and how to use a computer.

Clinical rotations

Before beginning clinical rotations, students must have completed a physical examination, lab tests, and any required immunizations. Students must also have completed a criminal background check. They must also have current Hepatitis B and Varicella vaccinations. Students must also agree to abide by all company policies. The program is divided into four phases, each lasting approximately five weeks. In each phase, students function in a one-to-one setting under direct supervision.

The Field Internship phase of the program lasts eight to twelve weeks and consists of 20-hour shifts. During this time, the student is assigned to an active affiliate paramedic crew and must work their shifts around the crew schedule. While on the crew, the student performs the full scope of paramedic duties under the supervision of a certified paramedic preceptor. The preceptor must be a licensed paramedic with at least two years of field experience. Clinical rotations are organized through the Paramedic Education Program at UCLA.

Student background check

The Paramedic Program at UCLA requires that all prospective students undergo a background check. This includes a Department of Justice and FBI criminal background check. The results of the background check are valid for one year. Once completed, the background check can be used as part of your application. Once accepted, you will need to submit the required medical documents. You can find a list of resources for low-cost background checks at the Paramedic Program website.

To qualify for the program, prospective students must have completed a background check through an approved institution. This includes a drug/alcohol screening and an immunization record. Failure to complete these requirements will prevent students from participating in the clinical experience and completing the course. Note that employers may also require a more thorough background check. Faculty are not authorized to provide legal advice regarding your application, so contact the Counseling Center for assistance.

Career options

Whether you’re looking for a new career or need to renew your license, Southern California offers plenty of career opportunities for Paramedics. These professionals typically work until their 60s, making it a great career choice for anyone seeking a fulfilling and rewarding career. Unlike other jobs, Paramedics in Southern California have solid prospects for advancement, work-life balance, and an excellent salary.

A career as a paramedic can be extremely rewarding, especially since the need for trained professionals in this field is growing rapidly. The pay is very good, considering the extensive education required, and the satisfaction that you’ll gain from helping people every day. If you’re interested in helping others, becoming an EMT is the right career choice. This challenging yet rewarding career has plenty to offer. If you’re in the Southern California area, now is the time to start your career.

Paramedics earn a median salary of $36,650 a year. The highest-paid 10 percent earn more than $62,150 a year. Career opportunities for paramedics are expected to grow steadily. Employment outlook is promising; the number of paramedics is expected to rise by 9% between 2008 and 2018. Salary varies widely, depending on training, geographic area, and employer.

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