Oakland University Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

Oakland University Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

Oakland University is a public research university located in Rochester and Auburn Hills, Michigan. It is the second-largest university in the Detroit metropolitan area, with an enrollment of approximately 20,012 students. OU is classified as an R2 Doctoral University, which means that it has high research activity. However, it is important to note that it is not a top-tier school. Therefore, students from the rest of the country should not expect it to charge significantly less than other schools.

4.41% of graduates did not report their race

While 74.1% of Oakland university graduates report being white, more than one in four students are black or Hispanic. In addition to being predominantly white, Oakland University graduates are also more likely to be Asian, Native American, or two or more races. The most common race is White, but there are other races as well, including Hispanic, Black, and Asian. The graduation rates of Oakland University are comparable to national averages and reflect diversity.

In 2018, Oakland University’s Honors College graduated the most students of any college in its history. In addition to being the highest-achieving class in university history, the Honors College graduated 83 Presidential Scholars, which demonstrates academic excellence and community engagement. In addition, 4.41% of graduates did not report their race. Although this is a significant percentage, it doesn’t reflect the full diversity of the campus community.

OU offers specialized majors

If you’re planning to attend Oakland University, you might be wondering about the cost of the school. While undergraduate tuition and fees are not too expensive, they do vary according to family income. The average cost for a full-time undergrad student at Oakland University is $12,843, while the cost is slightly higher for students from lower-income families. Financial aid is also available for those who can’t afford the full cost of college, such as grants and scholarships.

There are many benefits to attending Oakland University. The campus is largely suburban, offering ample opportunities for outdoor activities, including the annual Art and Apples Festival. Oakland University has free parking, a large food court, and cable television. Students also have the opportunity to speak with alums through the handshake resource library. You can also attend classes from alumni who are in your field of study through their websites.

Students at Oakland University are overwhelmingly white, with 14.1% being black or Latino. However, they do not all attend the university full-time. The university also has a high graduation rate, with an average time to completion of 15.9 months. In addition, the number of graduates is higher than the average for all Doctoral Universities. Aside from specialized majors, Oakland University also has many courses in business, law, and the liberal arts.

OU offers a 41.3% discount for in-state students

OU is committed to helping students pay for school and is an excellent resource for students borrowing money for college. The cost of tuition is up to $13,716 per credit hour, but it has a 41.3% discount for in-state students. In addition, students in Oklahoma receive $125 in state funding for each credit hour. Students can get this discount if they apply by May 1.

While OU has a long history of increasing tuition and fees, the increase in tuition and fees is only modest in relation to inflation. In-state students would still pay less than in-state students, and the increase in need-based aid would make the cost even lower for in-state students. The board voted unanimously to approve the increase. A few members voted against it, including Rick Nagel.

OU offers a wide variety of scholarships

OU offers a range of scholarship programs to help you pay for college. Some scholarships are available to students based on the major they are pursuing. These include scholarships for women, minority students, and high-earning majors. Many scholarship programs also have criteria specific to your majors, such as good writing skills, an exceptional academic record, and a demonstrated commitment to service. Some scholarships will align with your major, so you should look for those that match.

Merit scholarships can be difficult to obtain, but OU offers many to suit all kinds of students. Some are for full tuition, while others only cover part of it. Many awards are based on academic achievement, but some are also given to outstanding athletes, performers, artists, or other students. Merit-based scholarships are often given without requiring you to apply for financial aid and usually do not require repayment, making them an excellent choice for students seeking a full-ride education.

Incoming freshman students can also apply for a number of other awards. Applicants must apply by December 15 for consideration for the fall 2022 centralized list of freshman scholarships. Students who do not meet all the criteria for a particular scholarship may reapply with the SAT or ACT. Merit-based awards will depend on your academic record, so make sure to send your seventh-semester transcript. Applicants who apply for merit-based awards are offered the highest tuition waiver based on their academic performance. Applicants must submit their applications by the specified deadline.

OU offers a Guaranteed Tuition Plan

If you are considering an OU education, you may be wondering if you should sign up for the Guaranteed Tuition Plan. Whether this is the right choice for you depends on your personal circumstances. In most cases, this plan can be an excellent option for students looking to avoid paying out of pocket for college tuition. The plan guarantees a set amount for tuition every semester, and students can opt-out at any time.

Students must first be admitted to the university before they can opt into a Guaranteed Tuition Plan. The guarantee is only good for tuition costs and isn’t transferrable to another school or program. Moreover, it doesn’t cover any living expenses, such as food. If you decide to opt-in for this plan, you must check your student account to see if your monthly payments are the same as the guaranteed amount.

You must be a resident of the state of Oklahoma or a foreign country to be eligible for the Guaranteed Tuition Plan. If you’re a resident of another state, you can still enroll in the Guaranteed Tuition Plan at a discounted rate. In this case, you’ll be required to pay the full tuition rate if you move to a new state or city. If you’re a student of the OU Guaranteed Tuition Plan, you’ll save money while you study.

OU offers a Prepaid Tuition Plan

Many colleges and universities offer a Prepaid Tuition Plan to their students. These plans allow you to lock in tuition rates at the time of enrolling in college and can be beneficial if you expect college costs to rise. You can enroll in a plan that covers the costs of tuition, books, and other fees. Generally, you can enroll in a plan as little as six months in advance. However, you must check with the college or university to see if it offers a plan that works for you.

There are some conditions that apply to the plan. Students must be Oklahoma residents who enroll full-time as an undergraduate. The plan will guarantee the residents tuition rate for the first four years of their enrollment. If you do not meet these requirements, you will be charged a flat rate for the remainder of your four years. In addition, you cannot enroll in concurrent high school and college courses, or take Independent Study correspondence courses.

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