Nursing Scholarship Abroad

Nursing Scholarship Abroad


A study abroad scholarship can help you fund your time studying abroad. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the different types of nursing scholarships that are available, who offers them and how to apply for one.

Why Consider a Study Abroad Scholarship in Nursing?

Traveling abroad is a great way to expand your knowledge and experience. You will be able to gain valuable international experience, get a better understanding of other cultures, learn a new language and make some new friends.

The benefits of studying abroad are numerous:

  • You will develop an understanding of different cultures, which can help you when dealing with patients from around the world.
  • It will also help build confidence in yourself as well as others around you by providing an opportunity to speak another language or use your current one fluently.
  • By living in another country for an extended period of time, it allows students who have never travelled outside their home country before (or only within North America) a chance to explore new places both physically and mentally — something not always possible if studying here at home!

What is a Nursing Study Abroad Scholarship?

Nursing Study Abroad Scholarships are intended for students who want to study abroad. These types of scholarships can be awarded to students who want to study nursing abroad, nursing in a specific country, or a specific program such as nursing.

How Many Nursing Scholarships are Available?

There are many nursing scholarships available, so it’s important to do your research. Some scholarships are specific to certain countries or regions and some can be used for any country. However, if you have your heart set on studying in a particular country or region, don’t worry! There are still plenty of options for you!

You should also keep in mind that most nursing scholarships require applicants to be enrolled part-time at an accredited higher education institution while they study abroad. This means that you will need to find one before applying for a scholarship (for more information on this topic, please see our article “How Do I Find A Nursing Program For My Child?”). That being said: there are still several things you can do before making any decisions regarding your future career path as well as which university campus will welcome all new students into the fold with open arms and bright minds ready to learn about everything there is about entering into “the industry.”

Types of Nursing Scholarships for Study Abroad

There are two main types of scholarships for study abroad in nursing:

  • Program-specific scholarships for studying abroad as a nursing student. These include funding from the university, state or federal government and private sources.
  • General scholarships for studying abroad as a student in any field. These are usually awarded by international organizations or foreign governments that want to attract international students to their country.

Who Offers Scholarships for Study Abroad in Nursing?

Nurses are in high demand, and there are many scholarships available from a variety of sources. Your school is one source that offers nursing scholarships, as well as state governments and your employer. Your national association might also offer scholarships for study abroad in nursing.

How Can I Apply to Scholarships for Study Abroad?

In addition to applying for scholarships that match your academic profile, career goals, financial needs and geographic location, you should also consider applying for as many scholarships as possible. Some programs require a minimum GPA (grade point average), but others do not.

When trying to find scholarship opportunities check with the organizations that are sponsoring the program you are interested in studying abroad through. You may also want to look on various websites that list available scholarships such as FastWeb or CollegeBoard.

There are several resources available to help you fund and plan your study abroad experience.

The first way to find scholarships is through home school counselors. They will be able to tell you about any scholarships available for study abroad, and can help you apply for them.

Your second option is looking online at sites like [insert website]. These sites have databases of thousands of scholarship opportunities that students from all over the world can apply for.

If you are lucky enough to win one of these scholarships, then congratulations! There are several resources available to help you fund and plan your study abroad experience. For example, [insert website] has a section where users can post their own experiences with various programs around the world in order to share information with others who are planning on studying abroad as well.


Study abroad is a great way to expand your nursing career. There are many programs available that will help cover the cost of studying abroad. If you’re looking for more information about scholarships for nursing students who want to study abroad, contact your school or university’s international office today!

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