Mechanical Engineering Germany Salary

Mechanical Engineering Germany Salary


If you’ve ever wondered how much an engineer makes in Germany, you’re not alone. In this article, we answer that question and provide the latest data on mechanical engineering salary in Germany, as well as salary data for civil engineers, chemical engineers and more.

Mechanical Engineering Germany Salary

Mechanical Engineering Germany Salary:

The salary of a mechanical engineer in Germany ranges from €29,000 to €50,000 with an average of €35,000.

Civil Engineer Salary in Germany

Civil engineers in Germany earn an average salary of $61,108 per year. The lowest paid civil engineers make $38,000 a year and the highest paid earn over $100,000 per year.

Civil engineering is an important field for those looking to become involved in infrastructure planning and repair. Civil engineers are trained to understand the principles of building bridges and roads as well as maintaining existing structures. They also work on sewage systems, storm drains and water supply lines throughout cities and towns around the world.

If you want to become a civil engineer in Germany or any other country it’s important to consider what kind of training you need for this job. In Germany most people who study civil engineering choose either an undergraduate degree or graduate program that focuses specifically on this field; however there are also generalist programs available which incorporate many different types of classes from related fields such as environmental science or public policy studies into their curriculum so if

you’re considering both options check out our article detailing how each type differs from one another before making your decision!

Chemical Engineer Salary in Germany

A chemical engineer in Germany makes an average salary of €41,021 per year. The salary ranges for this job can be as low as €33,000 and as high as €50,000. Chemical engineers are paid more in the United States than they are in Germany. The average salary for a chemical engineer in the US is $100,000 per year, with a range between $80,000 and $120,000. Chemical engineering salaries are comparable to other countries around the world with higher cost of living like Australia and New Zealand where they make between $70-$90k per year depending on their level of experience and skillset.

Electrical Engineer Salary in Germany

Electrical engineers in Germany make an average of €47,236 per year. That’s about $54,000. When you compare that to the US average salary of electrical engineers at $60,000 a year, it seems like a pretty good deal—especially when you consider how much less German companies pay for health insurance and other benefits.

In other countries (and other states), however, the situation is not as good for electrical engineers looking to move abroad: England pays its electrical engineers nearly 80% more than Germany does; Australia over 100%. In fact, if you look at all industries together—and not just “electrical engineering”—the median annual wage in Australia is slightly over $70K compared to just under $50K here in America.

Software Engineer Salary in Germany

Software engineer salary in Germany:

A software engineer earns an average of €37,000 each year in Germany. This is based on a report by, which found that the average monthly pay for a software engineer in Germany was around €3,900 (or roughly $4,500).

Average salary in Germany

If you are interested in working in Germany, but want to know what the salary for a mechanical engineer would be, this article is for you. We look at average salary for all positions within Germany and also provide information about specific jobs such as chemical engineers, civil engineers and electrical engineering.

In Germany there are many different types of jobs that can be done by Mechanical Engineers. They include:

  • Chemical Engineering – Chemical engineers work with chemicals and chemical processes to produce materials that can be used in many applications like food products or medicines. Average Salary: € 50k-70k/year
  • Civil Engineering – Civil engineers design buildings and roads using computer tools such as AutoCAD software packages that help them create 3D models of their designs on screen before building works begin so they can see how it will look once completed. The type of work may vary depending on which sector (public/private) an individual chooses as well as country where they wish to work! Average Salary: € 50k-70k per year
  • Electrical Engineering – Electrical engineering covers a large variety of topics ranging from power generation systems including nuclear reactors right through up until consumer electronics such as mobile phones etc! Electricians often fall within this category too so if interested then take some time out here first before deciding whether further training might suit better elsewhere instead 🙂 Average Salary: € 40k-60k per year depending on experience levels achieved during employment history thus far!

Learn about the average salary of engineers

You can find the average salary of engineers in Germany, broken down by field and position. The following table shows the average wages for German engineers based on their specialty:

  • Mechanical Engineering (ME)
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE)
  • Chemical Engineering (CHE)
  • Civil Engineering (CE)


If you’re planning on moving to Germany, it’s a good idea to know what kind of salaries you can expect in your field. The average salary in Germany is €42,500 a year (or $49,000), which is the same as the average salary in Switzerland.

The best-paying jobs are typically those that require specialized knowledge, such as engineering or medicine. But even if you don’t have technical skills, there are still ways for you to earn more money than with regular jobs that don’t require any particular expertise – like working as an escort or creating videos on YouTube!

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