McMaster Computer Engineering Scholarships

McMaster Computer Engineering Scholarships

The Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineers degree is a four-year program at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The program combines the design of hardware and software into integrated systems that play a crucial role in our society. Many of us are already familiar with embedded systems, which can be found in our everyday systems. McMaster has many scholarships to aid in your tuition and living costs. You can find out more about scholarships by reading on.

Program requirements

The MEng Electrical and Computer Engineering (MEng-ECE) program at McMaster University is a 1.5-year on-campus degree. This program requires a student to take seven graduate half courses in the program, at least four of which must be 700-level and up to two of which may be 600-level. This program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully lead the implementation of today’s technologies.

The program’s rigorous admission requirements require successful candidates to hold a Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering or a related discipline. Candidates must demonstrate excellence in both research and teaching, as well as their ability to contribute to a department’s and university-wide intellectual community. They must also show evidence of leadership and ability to mentor graduate students and initiate and foster collaborations. Relevant research and development experience is a plus. The minimum grade for an application is a B+.

Besides the McMaster Computer Engineering degree, students can take courses related to software development, database design, and information systems. McMaster students have more elective space than Software Engineering students do. Moreover, those who study in this program will receive excellent job prospects. In addition to that, they will learn the theoretical foundations of computer science. The program requires four years to complete. You can also take the Honours Computer Science program at Simon Fraser University, a renowned Canadian university.

The McMaster Computer Engineering degree requires a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher. If you are studying full-time, you may enroll in up to two courses a semester. However, if you are working part-time, it is best to stick with just one or two courses per term. It is also important to note that the requirements for admission can change without notice. In order to ensure that you fulfill the requirements for the program, check the McMaster University website for details.

Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Computer Engineering at McMaster University offers students a unique program that combines the disciplines of electrical engineering, computer science, and software design. Computer engineers focus on designing digital devices and their interfaces with other systems. They also study embedded systems, which are used in many of our daily systems. Students studying computer engineering can take advantage of the engineering co-op program, which provides them with hands-on experience in real-world engineering positions before graduation. The Engineering Co-op and Career Services Department are responsible for organizing the program.

The MEng program in Electrical and Computer Engineering is a 1.5-year course-based program that requires seven graduate half-courses. At least four of these courses must be 700-level while up to two are 600-level. The program focuses on developing skills and knowledge that will help students lead the implementation of today’s technologies. Students can expect to be employed in industry and academia within a few years after graduation.

The University of McMaster is a research-intensive, student-centered environment that emphasizes research and collaboration. The successful applicant must demonstrate a passion for teaching, mentorship, and curriculum development. They should be able to communicate effectively with faculty members in the McMaster Automotive Resource Centre, the McMaster Institute for Automotive Research, and the Centre for Software Certification. If you are interested in becoming a professor in the Faculty of Computer Engineering, consider applying to this program today.

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has earned an international reputation for its research in several areas, including telecommunications, signal processing, microelectronics, photonics, and computer engineering. Faculty members engage in interdisciplinary research, and many work with other departments. This funding comes from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council and contracts. The faculty members in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering collaborate with faculty across the university.


The Department of Computing and Software at McMaster University offers a Master of Engineering in Computer Engineering (MEng). Its faculty members have expertise in the fields of computer systems, software engineering, data analytics, machine learning, and theoretical computer science. The department provides mentoring for over 1400 undergraduate students in three undergraduate programs and over 120 graduate students in master’s and doctoral programs. In addition, students may apply to the program if they meet the specific requirements.

The John Hodgins Engineering Building at McMaster University is a major research, teaching, and administrative hub for students. In addition, the Information Technology Building is a large 82,000-square-foot building that houses the Department of Computing and Software and the Electrical and Computer Engineering department. The Iron Ring clock on the campus shows the time accurately. The building’s design and layout are both impressive and distinctive, which sets it apart from other Canadian institutions.

The Computer Science program at McMaster University emphasizes basic conceptual designs, fundamental science, and simulation. Students in the program have excellent employment prospects. In addition to computer science, the University offers courses in nursing and statistics. The university also offers a degree in clinical medicine and nursing. The program requires six Grade 12 U/M courses to graduate. The prerequisites for the program include SBI4U and two SPH4U. The first year is devoted to general engineering, while the second year is spent specializing in software.

Students wishing to specialize in computer science or electrical engineering at McMaster University will also find an MEng in Electrical and Computer Engineering. This 1.5-year program combines technical education with management skills and enables students to pursue careers in a variety of fields. The curriculum at McMaster is course-based, and students must complete seven graduate half-courses. In addition, students must complete four 700-level courses and two 600-level courses. This program will enhance students’ knowledge and skills and prepare them to lead the implementation of today’s technologies.


If you’re interested in studying computer engineering at McMaster University, you may qualify for the computer engineering scholarships offered by the school. The Cannon Family Scholarship is one of the scholarships offered at McMaster. It is offered to students registered with SAS who have a high GPA. The scholarship is named in memory of Dr. Patrick Deane, the seventh president of McMaster University and its vice-Chancellor for nine years. Whether you’re looking to study computer engineering, electrical engineering, or software engineering, you can apply.

Students who are part of the Faculty of Engineering are eligible for this scholarship. The first step is to fill out the common application. The common application is made up of three sections. Each tab requires a different type of information, and you don’t need to fill out all three. These tabs are only visible to current McMaster students, so you may need to ask for a reference or two to fill out the form. Then, you’ll need to request referees via AwardSpring. Make sure you leave enough time to have them upload their references.

The A.G. McKay Scholarship was established in 1990 by friends of Professor A.G. McKay and is awarded to students who demonstrate academic excellence and community leadership. In addition to the A.G. McKay Scholarship, Laurie R. McLean Scholarship and the Glen Bandiera Scholarship also recognize students who are descendants of Canadian Armed Forces members. This award requires the recipient to pursue a 4 to twelve-month self-directed enrichment experience during their time at McMaster University.

Another scholarship available at McMaster University is the Edward Jenkins Memorial Scholarship, established in honor of Toby and Tom Jenkins. The award is given to students who have shown academic achievement and leadership in residence life. Those who are selected for this scholarship have demonstrated significant academic achievement and service. This scholarship does not require applicants to be part of the graduating year. It is intended for students who have demonstrated a strong academic record and a strong desire to excel in computer engineering.

Job opportunities

McMaster University’s Faculty of Engineering invites applications for tenure-track positions in Computer and Electrical Engineering. Positions will begin on July 1, 2022, and will begin as Assistant Professors, though exceptional candidates may be considered for promotion to Professor. Computer and Electrical Engineering seeks candidates with specialization in computer architecture, hardware design, and cyber-physical systems. Applicants must hold a Ph.D. in computer science or electrical engineering, or be in the final year of a graduate program in a relevant field.

There are a number of different ways to gain relevant work experience outside of the classroom. One way to make connections outside of the classroom is to join an engineering club. The Competitive Programming Team, for example, teaches students to solve problems using algorithms. The Mac Design League, meanwhile, teaches students how to use CAD software to create prototypes. Other opportunities include participating in internships, working with companies, and working on research projects.

The Computer Science program at McMaster University is a broad and diverse curriculum. Students will not only learn computer science programming, but they will also learn about systems and theoretical foundations. They can expect to complete the program within four years. Other Canadian universities offering computer science programs include Simon Fraser University in British Columbia and the University of Waterloo. Those with an average of 85 percent are also good candidates. An average of eighty-five percent in undergraduate classes is necessary to be considered competitive.

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