Masters Programs at Jackson State University

Masters Programs at Jackson State University

If you’re interested in the Masters’s programs at Jackson State University, you’ll have to submit a high school transcript, an official application, and standardized test scores. You’ll also have to provide proof of immunization compliance and complete several required units during high school. Among other important subjects, applicants should complete English, math, and science courses. Other prerequisites will be determined by the university, but you can still enroll if you don’t have a high enough GPA or have other special requirements.

Cost per credit

Whether you’re considering enrolling in a Master’s degree program at Jackson State University or an online program, the cost per credit is one of the most important factors to consider. Many institutions charge by the semester or per credit, so the cost of a single class can quickly add up. Below are some of the typical costs per credit for master’s programs at Jackson State University. You can also calculate your cost per credit by entering the number of credits you want to earn each semester.

The cost of a graduate degree at Jackson State University ranges from $8,445 for residents of Mississippi to $9,445 for students from outside the state. In the academic year 2020-2021, tuition per credit hour is $352 for Mississippi residents and $965 for non-residents. Book and supply costs average around $1,400. In addition to tuition, you’ll need to pay for housing and textbooks.

The cost of a Jackson State master’s degree program is significantly lower than the cost of an undergraduate program. While tuition at Jackson State University is less than that of other institutions, it is still a significant expense. After paying for the program fees and financial aid, students will be spending an average of $8,445 for a full-time program. In-state students receive a 59.2% tuition discount, and online students may pay a slightly higher per-credit rate.

Jackson State University offers a variety of student services. In addition to nonremedial tutoring, the university offers a women’s center, a placement service, and health service. Jackson State University also offers online courses. However, there are still some restrictions. You need to know if the program you choose is accredited and offers financial aid. In addition, there is an application process for the program. You should also check the cost per credit of a master’s degree program at Jackson State University.

The cost per credit for master’s degree programs at Jackson State University varies. One year of study costs $23,512. In-state students will be charged $8,445 toward tuition. If you qualify for financial aid, the cost may be significantly less. If you’re a Mississippi resident, you may qualify for a scholarship that will cover all or part of your tuition. But before you apply for financial aid, check to see if you’ll qualify for a graduate degree program that’s affordable.

The Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at JSU includes an internship where you’ll work with students in a clinical setting. You’ll also take 60 credits of coursework, including Introduction to Professional Counseling, Theory and Practice of Group Process, and Marriage and Family Counseling. There is no mandatory internship, but there are many options for internships. You can also apply for a Master’s program online.

GPA requirement

Among the top-ranked HBCUs in the United States, Jackson State University is known for producing some of the finest academics and professionals. This university has over 25,130 alumni on LinkedIn and is home to some of the most prominent names in the world. The campus features 51 buildings, and alumni include Shaun Averyhardt, Marcus Benard, and Lem Barney. Its mission is to educate leaders with the necessary skills and societal knowledge to help solve global problems.

The average SAT score at Jackson State University is 940, with a minimum score of 550 in the math and reading portions. Students can see this average over time by looking at the chart below. Applicants with high school diplomas will have to submit official transcripts from those schools as proof of their GPA. Applicants seeking certificate programs should submit a copy of their undergraduate college transcripts as well. To apply, students should be aware of deadlines and other important information.

Applicants with a high GPA will have an easier time getting accepted at Jackson State University. Although admission is not guaranteed, a high GPA will definitely set you apart from the competition. For instance, applicants with a 2.8 GPA must have taken the ACT with a score of at least 63. However, there are other considerations aside from GPA that will make your application stand out from the crowd.

Students who wish to pursue a graduate degree at Jackson State University should first finish their undergraduate degree. The minimum GPA to obtain regular status is 3.00 on a 4.00 scale. Applicants should submit official transcripts from any college or university attended. To apply for graduate programs, students must meet GPA requirements of a minimum of 3.00. The Graduate Catalog lists specific requirements for each program. For more information, students can contact the program directly.

The GPA requirement for graduate programs at Jackson State University is generally equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree, although some graduate programs have higher requirements. Those with lower GPAs may not qualify for AP credit. However, students who are highly qualified can apply for an honors program. However, AP credit is not a guarantee for admission at Jackson State University. This is because schools differ in their AP credit requirements, so some students may not get AP credit.

A Jackson State University graduate program in environmental and occupational health is one option. The MPH program focuses on the ways the environment can affect the health of workers. It also includes a capstone project and a practicum. Students who choose to pursue a graduate degree in public health should be aware that they will have to complete an entrance interview. However, the school does provide financial aid to those students who do not meet the admission requirements.

Out-of-State fee waiver

If you’re considering applying to the Master of Arts in Business Administration (MBA) program at Jackson State University, you might want to check out its out-of-state fee waiver policy. In the new fiscal year, the university will no longer offer out-of-state fee waivers for students whose parents are lifetime alumni association members. Currently, the fee is $11,228 per year.

If you have not attended Jackson State continuously, you must fill out a new application for admission. If you have attended other colleges, you must provide official transcripts from those institutions. Failure to do so could delay the processing of your financial aid. You will also need an official transcript of your undergraduate college to qualify for a fee waiver. In general, you’ll need two official transcripts: one from your undergraduate college and one from your high school.

Before applying for an out-of-state fee waiver, you must first meet the university’s admission requirements. If you’re from outside of Mississippi, you must demonstrate financial need. You should fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and submit it to the university. You must also fill out and submit an Out-of-State fee waiver application. The out-of-state fee waiver will take effect in the fall of 2019, but you’ll need to submit your documents early if you want to take advantage of the reduced rate.

You’ll also need to provide proof of financial resources. These must be current (within the past six months) and issued by a financial institution. Then you must provide a letter from a family member or another individual in the U.S. as well as any documentation proving your official status with U.S. Customs and Immigration Service. A copy of your passport must be valid six months prior to the start of classes at Jackson State.

After you receive your out-of-state fee waiver, you must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher to maintain the waiver. If you fail to meet the GPA requirement, you will need to reapply. This appeal will be reviewed by the Fee Waiver Appeals Committee. The committee will decide whether to reinstate the out-of-state fee waiver or not.

If you’re a working professional, the online Master of Science in Sports Management at JSU is designed for you. The program is 100% online, so you won’t have to leave your job or attend campus. Founded during Reconstruction, the university was originally located in Natchez, Mississippi. It gained state support in 1940. You’ll be required to pay an application fee of $25 if you’re applying from outside the state.

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