List Of Tuition Free Universities In Canada For International Students

Tuition Free Universities In Germany For International Students 2022

Germany is a great option for international students looking to continue their education. The country’s university degrees are internationally recognized, and many of its institutions are dedicated to providing quality education in English. A free tuition policy for both local and foreign students makes Germany even more desirable. One can also find scholarships that cover all other expenses, including living costs.

Tuition Free Universities In Germany For International Students 2022

Germany has been a popular destination for international students for many years. It is ranked as the third most popular study destination in the world, and it has a reputation for being affordable and accessible. As a result, it attracts many students from all over the world who are looking to further their education.

Tuition-free universities in Germany are also among the most common choices for international students who have decided to study there. The tuition-free universities in Germany offer many benefits for both German citizens as well as for international students, and they provide an excellent opportunity for all of them to get an education without having to worry about paying any expensive fees or costs associated with attending classes at these schools.

What Are The Benefits Of Going To A Tuition Free University In Germany?

There are several benefits associated with going to a tuition free university in Germany, including:

1) You will not have any out-of-pocket expenses related to your education; 2) You can receive financial aid if needed; 3) You will be able to take advantage of opportunities that other countries may not offer; 4) You will have access to some of the best professors in

Tuition Free Universities In Germany For International Students 2022

The German education system is one of the best in Europe, and offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at public universities. In fact, Germany has a total of thirty-five recognized international universities that have courses in English.

German Universities that Charge Nominal Tuition Fees

Tuition fees in Germany: What are they?

Every student enrolling to study in Germany is required to pay tuition fees, except EU citizens. International students who are non-EU citizens have to pay tuition and other mandatory costs, while EU students don’t have that burden.

However, all students regardless of their nationality have to pay some additional student union dues (€1-2 per semester). These dues are used for the maintenance of the university’s buildings and facilities, etc., but they do not amount much more than a few euros per semester.

Universities in Germany Waiver Tuition Fees For All Students

The tuition fees in Germany are low and if you have a German passport, you can study in these universities for free.

To be able to study in one of these universities, you must meet certain prerequisites:

  • You should be at least 18 years old;
  • Have completed your secondary education; and
  • Be a citizen of an EU country or Switzerland.

Universities in Germany That Reimburse Tuition Fees to Graduates

In Germany, there are two universities that reimburse tuition fees to graduates who have completed their studies and who have received a job offer from a German company. The reimbursement is limited to the tuition fees paid during the last semester of study. In addition, it is limited to a maximum of €10,000 (around $11,200).

Bachelor’s Degree Programs With No or Low Tuition in Germany

There are a number of tuition-free universities in Germany, where you can study for free and even get a scholarship.

There are also many other universities that provide low-cost or free tuition for international students.

Tuition Free Universities In Germany For International Students 2022 [Full List]

Master’s degree programs with No or Low Tuition Fee At German Universities

The tuition fee for master’s degree programs at German universities is less than €500 per semester. The exact amount depends on the university you choose, but it ranges from €300 to €700. Master’s degrees are usually taught in English, and they usually last two years or more.

Tuition fees for master’s degree programs are waived for students from non-EU countries. However, if you want to study in Germany as an EU citizen, then you will have to follow their rules and regulations regarding tuition fees before enrolling yourself in any German higher education institution!

If you are already enrolled in a PhD program and wish to continue your studies there by pursuing a master’s degree program alongside your Phd studies then chances are that your tuition may be waived off completely!

Doctoral Studies With No or Low Tuition Fee in Germany

Doctoral studies in Germany are generally free of charge. However, tuition fees for doctoral studies vary depending on the university and the program. Some universities do not charge any tuition fee while others charge nominal tuition fees to cover administrative costs. Furthermore, some universities waive all or part of the tuition fee for international students.

If you wish to study for your doctorate in Germany, there is no need to worry about paying high tuition fees because most of these programs are either free or have low tuition rates.

Most German universities do not charge tuition fees. Here are the selected tuition free universities in Germany for international students​.

Many German universities do not charge tuition fees. Here are the selected tuition free universities in Germany for international students.

  • University of Freiburg
  • University of Hamburg
  • University of Heidelberg
  • University of Konstanz


Note that even though most universities in Germany do not charge a tuition fee, you will still have to pay a small amount of money as semester contribution. The amount varies from one university to another. Also, keep in mind that some German universities offer tuition free programs but they can be hard to get into due to the high number of applicants compared with available space. These facts make it very important for an international student who wants to study for free in Germany to apply early and meet all admission requirements.

Section: Conclusion

Takeaway: All these factors make Germany the best place for you if you want to internationally recognized degree without having to pay any tuition fees. Good luck!

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