List of DLI Colleges in Canada

List of DLI Colleges in Canada

A list of DLI colleges in Canada is the perfect resource for international students who are looking to pursue post-secondary education in the country. Listed below are both Universities and Colleges, as well as non-DLI colleges. You can compare their differences and decide for yourself which one is right for you. You can also learn about the differences between DLI colleges and Universities and find out which one is more affordable.

Non-DLI colleges

To study in Canada, you will need a valid COVID-19 readiness plan. To get this plan, you must go to the IRCC website and check if your desired college is listed there. The list of approved DLIs is extensive. To find the name of your college, you can search by region or by its name. Once you have the name of the college, you can find its DLI number and continue your search.

If your current college is not on the list, you can change to a DLI-approved institution. You should be notified via email that you have completed your exchange and the new start date. Once you have confirmed your choice, you should then visit the list of DLI colleges in Canada to make the transfer. To do so, you can also contact the Canadian team to assist you with your application. You will find that they will guide you through the process step-by-step.

If you’re a Canadian citizen, you can transfer to a DLI college or university. Once you have done this, you must inform the IRCC of your new location and request a study permit extension for the duration of your study. A DLI college will automatically issue a new study permit for you, and the government will remove it if you transfer to a non-DLI school. However, you must make sure that the new institution is a DLI.

Designated learning institutions

The government of Canada has designated certain schools as “designated learning institutions,” or DLIs. If you wish to study in Canada, you will not be granted a study permit if you attend any other school but a DLI. Below you will find a list of the best DLIs in Canada. They are governed by the federal government and meet all provincial standards for higher education. Listed on the DLI website, these institutions are internationally recognized and can be easily selected by city or province. Each DLI has a unique identification number, which identifies each school on the list.

Each province is responsible for identifying schools that welcome international students. There are four types of DLIs: private career colleges, universities, and CEGEPs. There are also language schools. Quebec colleges are not included in the list. A DLI will be listed on the DLI website if it meets certain requirements and is approved by the provincial or territorial minister of education. The federal government administers the list, but each school must meet provincial regulations in order to be included on the list.

Thousands of international students study in British Columbia, and its schools are among the best in the country. The province’s DLIs are officially recognized by the Government of Canada, and their endorsement by the Canadian government ensures quality. The province’s accreditation is important for international students, as it provides consumer protection. For international students who have never visited a DLI, the Education Quality Assessment is a good way to compare schools.


For international students, the process of applying for a study permit in Canada involves acquiring a Study Permit from a designated learning institution. A DLI number begins with the letter ‘O’ and should be entered on the study permit application form to determine the eligibility of an institute. The list of DLI colleges in Canada is extensive and includes schools and colleges in each province and city. Once an application is approved, students must follow the steps to enroll in the institute.

There are many reasons to enroll in a Canadian college or university. The educational system is known for its advanced knowledge, research opportunities, and training. Colleges and universities in Canada are categorized into DLIs and Non-DLIs. DLIs are approved by the government to offer a full range of facilities for international students and are the only way to acquire a study permit. In addition, to gain admission to a DLI, an international student must present a valid DLI number on their application form.

The Government of Canada has published a list of DLI colleges and universities in Canada. Designated Learning Institutions in Canada must have COVID-19 approval and have a Letter of Acceptance from the DLI. The Canadian government has selected these schools to provide the best possible education to international students. However, the government does not always have the resources to approve every designated learning institution. Therefore, it is essential to check the DLI college in Canada before enrolling.


The IRCC publishes a list of designated learning institutions, or DLIs, in Canada. A DLI number is assigned to each college or university that receives confirmation from the Ministry of Education. A DLI number is found on the study permit of an international student in Canada. The list includes public and private colleges and universities, as well as secondary schools. These institutions are designated learning institutions, and they have to use the DLI number listed on their study permit.

If you are an international student, you must check the list of DLI colleges in Canada before enrolling. You must find a college that has the correct number for you in order to get your student visa. If you don’t, you will be turned down for admission. However, if you can find a DLI number for a college, you’ll be well on your way to a successful study trip.

Once you have found a DLI college that accepts international students, you can apply for a study permit. The SDS program gives international students more benefits. To apply, you’ll need to have your study permit and an acceptance letter from a previous DLI institution. You will also need to complete an application form, supplying all the required information. Alternatively, you can apply online. It’s important to complete the form completely and submit it to the relevant government agency.


A government-approved college is a designated learning institution. These institutions meet provincial standards for higher education and are internationally recognized. There is a long list of DLI colleges and universities in Canada. You can choose an institution by province or city and check its DLI number. The number is unique for each institution on the list. If the institution has the DLI number, it will be listed in the government’s database. There are many advantages to studying at a DLI college or university in Canada.

The government of Canada has designated specific schools as “designated learning institutes”. Study permits cannot be obtained from any other school than a DLI. The government has regularly updated the list of approved institutions. Here is a brief overview of the various types of DLI colleges and universities in Canada. All these institutions are located in major Canadian provinces, and the list is updated regularly. In addition, each DLI has an organization ID displayed for public viewing.

Designated learning institutions are recognized internationally. Students studying in these institutions will get top-quality education. To apply for a Study Permit in Canada, international students must obtain approval from a DLI and submit a valid DLI number on the study permit application form. This list is updated frequently, so check it frequently for any changes. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our dedicated support team is here to help you!

Transferring from a DLI to a non-DLI

International students can transfer from a DLI to a non -DLI college in Canada. However, they must follow certain conditions to be eligible for such a change. These include a full-time study permit and enrolling in a full-time program for at least six months. For more information about transferring to another college, visit the IRCC website.

Once you receive your study permit, you need to inform the IRCC of your intention to change to a non-DLI institution. You need to present a copy of your study permit application details and your study permit number, as well as the acceptance letter from your previous DLI institution and the new one. You will also need to provide the new school’s DLI number, as well as the start date of your studies.

A DLI number is an official designation given to post-secondary institutions in Canada. These institutions receive their designation from the ministry of education. To find out whether your school is a DLI, visit the IRCC website and select your region from the drop-down menu. If your chosen institution does not have a DLI designation, you can search for its name, and the DLI number will be displayed in the search results.

You must choose a school from a designated learning institution (DLI) list to obtain a study permit. You should check if the school is approved to accept international students. After you have found a DLI school, you should apply for your study permit and follow the steps outlined in your letter. You must be aware that your application may be delayed if the school you chose is non-DLI.

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