How to Write a Strong Essay for the HAAS Supplemental Application

How to Write a Strong Essay for the HAAS Supplemental Application

The HAAS Supplemental application includes several questions that aren’t essays. Instead, they’re short answers to questions answered in the online application. While it’s easy to go into great detail in these questions, it’s not necessary to write pages of essay-length text. Shortlists are perfectly acceptable. The emphasis of the supplemental questions is to highlight strong academics and quantitative skills. Haas has the highest average GMAT score and is famous for its economics faculty. Although you don’t have to be perfect, they look for evidence that you have the intellectual capacity to succeed in their program.

Optional essay

While completing the optional essay for HAAS Supplemental application, it is critical to choose an effective topic. While Haas doesn’t specify a specific topic, applicants are encouraged to write about their passions. A passion for an area of study or career can give rise to big ideas that will make your essay stand out. Here are some tips for writing a strong essay. Don’t forget to follow the word limit!

Use the optional essay to provide details about the extenuating circumstances that affected your application. It can address weaknesses such as not having many letters of recommendation from supervisors, lack of employment gap, etc. It can also highlight positive aspects of your personality such as your work ethic, leadership potential, etc. Use this space to discuss any areas that you are not prepared to include in other materials. However, be sure to provide enough information for the admissions committee to read your application.

The first optional essay prompt for Haas is a great place to showcase your background and accomplishments. It’s not overly complex, but it does require a solid answer. This option allows applicants to highlight background details without overselling themselves. Haas clearly wants simple information and basic explanations. Nevertheless, make sure that your response is brief, concise, and focused enough. When answering the question, use specific examples, and make sure to answer them within the word limit.

Video essay

There are several ways to compose a great video essay for the HAAS Supplemental application, but you need to make sure that it shows your personality and highlights your best qualities. For example, if you have spent time working a summer job, you should include that experience in your Haas application. If you worked a summer job after high school, you should include that, too. In short, you should include anything that will make you a better leader in the future.

While Berkeley Haas does not specify a specific topic, it is a good idea to choose a topic that is related to your passion. If you love your job, chances are you’ll come up with some big ideas. For this second essay, consider what you’re passionate about. If you’re passionate about your job, you’ll be more likely to come up with big ideas and stand out from the crowd.

Another great way to make your video more interesting is to mention specific events or professors that you enjoyed attending. If possible, mention specific experiences that led you to those experiences. You can also mention people you’ve worked with or friends who are currently at Haas. It will show that you have a personal connection to the school and have a lived experience. So, try to make your essay as interesting as possible!

‘What matters most to you, and why?’ question

The ‘What matters most to you, and what are your passions?’ question in the HAAS Supplemental application is critical. Readers will read over 2,000 essays in a single cycle and will be looking for deep self-reflection and sincerity. While Stanford emphasizes intellectual aptitude and passion, Haas wants to see something more personal.

While the ‘What matters most to you, and how do you plan to apply these values in your future?” question in the HAAS Supplemental application is ambiguous, it aims to make you think deeply about your leadership values. The answer to this question should convey how you would use those values in your career. Your response should reflect the core values and beliefs of the school.

The ‘What matters most to you, and what makes you unique?’ question in the HAAS Supplemental application is a great opportunity for you to showcase your unique strengths and experiences. If you are an undergraduate student, you should mention any HBSA socials or other events you attended while in high school. By mentioning your friends and acquaintances at Haas, you will demonstrate that you have a personal connection to the school and that you have firsthand experience of its culture.


There are many things to keep in mind when completing the Haas Supplemental application. In order to avoid any unnecessary disqualifications, make sure to include all the pertinent information. For example, if you’re applying for a graduate school, be sure to state whether or not you have taken certain courses. This information is vital for your application, so be sure to include it in the supplemental application.

Research the program. Make sure to understand the distinctive features of Haas before writing your essay. Take time to learn more about the academic ecosystem and the various business programs at the university. Also, be sure to discuss specific experiences that have shaped you. These examples can be particularly helpful if you are applying to the Business program. Make sure to include examples of these experiences, as well as any personal stories that may be pertinent to your application.

The UC application has a section dedicated to activities and awards, which is also used by Haas. The Haas supplemental application gives you the opportunity to expand on your UC application by highlighting additional activities. After the November 30th deadline, however, if your activities aren’t on your UC application, you can leave them blank. If you do leave them blank, your application won’t be disqualified.


While you don’t have to include everything in your UC application, a flashy summer internship may help you land that coveted spot in a top business school. For example, if you worked at Bank of America Merrill Lynch during the summer after high school, you can list that as well. Deadlines for HAAS Supplemental application should be adhered to. The admission committee will take a look at your resume, and you should consider adding any extracurricular activities or awards you have gained from that time.

The application is generally submitted during the fall term of your sophomore year. To be considered for the program, all prerequisite courses must be completed before the end of the Spring term. While you don’t have to complete all of these courses at the time of application, the admission committee prefers to see as many as possible completed before the end of your sophomore year. You should do some research on the program’s requirements to ensure that you have an accurate picture of your background.

The supplemental application includes a profile of your academic qualifications. The profile section of the application asks you to describe your education and experience. If you have an undergraduate degree, you should include a resume and any relevant work experience. The next section asks you to describe your past academic qualifications. You can add several academic institutions, and indicate whether or not you received acceptance. You should also upload transcripts in various formats.

UC Berkeley’s Haas community

UC Berkeley’s Haas community is filled with students from all walks of life. Students from diverse backgrounds come to Berkeley to pursue their MBAs. This diverse community fosters lasting connections and promotes awareness of diversity issues. Haas students can also get involved in several organizations that support their interests and values. Listed below are some of these organizations:

Despite the campus’s small size, Haas students create a network of professional contacts that will last a lifetime. With 350 students per class, it is possible to make close friendships with classmates and faculty members. The Haas experience is packed with opportunities for personal growth and leadership development outside of the classroom, from case competitions and global opportunities to student organizations. UC Berkeley’s Haas community also encourages students to take their interests and talents beyond the classroom.

One of the most attractive features of UC Berkeley’s Haas community is the location near San Francisco. From Berkeley, students can take the Bay Bridge to reach the city, where they can explore the world and its cultures. Berkeley is home to many cultural centers, lively nightlife, and countless other activities for students to enjoy. There are also countless options to explore the greater San Francisco area. But be aware that living in Berkeley may be expensive.

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