How to Find a UNB Study Room

How to Find a UNB Study Room

The study rooms are available only for registered students who require the space for academic purposes. You can reserve the rooms for up to three hours at a time, once a day, seven days in advance. Bookings must be made by a group of people, and different members of the group cannot make consecutive bookings. For more information, visit the University’s website. Read more about the facilities available for students in the study rooms. This information will help you decide which study room to choose.

Research toolkit

When it comes to researching for school projects, UNB Libraries has many resources to help you get started. The Library website has a search bar at the top of the page that will guide you through the research process. Type in the subject you’re studying or the year of publication to narrow your search. Once you’ve narrowed down your search, choose the format and citation style you want. A list of citations will appear on the page.

If you need a quick overview of the library and academic research process, consider signing up for the University of New Brunswick Libraries’ free online course, “Research Toolkit.” It is a self-paced, interactive course, which will introduce you to academic research and library services. The course can be found under ‘Free Course Registration’. You can also take a research workshop to learn more about how to use library resources for your studies.

Wireless presentation system

In the University of New Brunswick (UNB) library, students can use AirMedia, a wireless presentation system, to present to others in a group study room. Whether you’re using your own laptop or a library-loaned one, AirMedia allows you to connect wirelessly to the LCD system in the room. There are instructions for using the system, as well. These tools make presentations more interactive and are a great way to get started.

Seating options

There are several types of seating available in the UNB study room. Students can use the computer stations and couches. There are also group study rooms, comfortable reading areas, and cafe tables. There are 158 available seats for students. Students are encouraged to reserve a seat in advance, however. Due to COVID restrictions, seating in the study room is limited. Students and faculty may book a seat by course code.

Terms and conditions

The study room at UNB is available for registered students who need to complete their academic work. Students can make bookings for 3 hours each day, and can do so seven days in advance. A study room booking can only be made on behalf of a group, and different individuals from the same group cannot make consecutive bookings. Students can also request to meet in a study room if the location doesn’t meet their needs.


There are several ways to find a UNB study room, and it depends on what you’re looking for. You may want to start with the Harriet Irving Library, which is located on the Fredericton campus and is across from the Student Union Building. In addition, you may wish to try the Science and Forestry Library, which is located in the heart of the Integrated University Complex. This library is open to all UNB community members and is specialized in Environmental Management. If you’re interested in Computer Science, the Engineering Library is located in the Head Hall, room C-15.

The Writing Centre in the Harriet Irving Library is another good option. Students can visit this space for writing help, and can even book a table here. Other study options include a comfortable reading area and group study rooms. There are also cafe tables for groups. However, you should be considerate of others and be sure to check in at least 10 minutes before your session begins. For group study rooms, it is okay to bring covered snacks and drinks, but you should be sure to respect other students’ privacy.

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