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How to Fill Out a Domicile Format

How to Fill Out a Domicile Format

There are a lot of factors you have to keep in mind when filling out a Domicile Format. Fortunately, there are a few tips you can follow to make sure you fill out the form properly and avoid the mistakes that can lead to unwanted results. Read on to learn more. Once you’ve completed the form, you can check to make sure you’ve filled out all the fields required. If you made a mistake, you can use the edit tool to fix it.


Domicile format forms can be filled out in two ways: manually or electronically. Filling out an editable ms word form requires meticulous preparation of data and attention to detail. Making mistakes on a domicile form can have dire consequences such as penalties for missing deadlines. Experts advise saving crucial data in a separate file or exporting the document to a writable sample. Alternatively, you can use a template that can be filled out by a non-relative in a few minutes and print it out.

Once the Declaration of domicile form is completed, double-check the answers. If necessary, use the Sign Tool to add a digital signature. You can then print, save, and share the document. If you encounter any problems with the form, you can also contact SignNow Support staff. Once you have the desired document, you can edit and sign it with ease. You can even use your sign now account to edit the document and generate personalized digital signatures, streamlining your workflow.


Domicile certificates are important documents that prove your residency in a certain state or city. This certificate is necessary for several government schemes and perks. If you live in Delhi, for example, you will need your domicile certificate to apply for loans and benefits. But what is a domicile certificate and how do you get one? Here are some frequently asked questions and answers. Read on to discover the process of obtaining a domicile certificate.

To get a domicile certificate, an applicant needs to present certain documents in a specific format. These documents must be properly presented in accordance with the rules and regulations of the State Government. The applicant must present a birth certificate or a school or 10th or 12th marks card along with two passport-size photographs. The documents must be attested by an authorized government official. For married people, the applicant must also provide the names of their parents and spouse.

To complete a Declaration of Domicile form, a person must appear before a notary and provide picture identification. This can be a passport or a state-issued identification card. The person must also be a citizen or permanent resident alien. In addition to a copy of the document, the person must be present when the notary notarizes it. Once the documents are notarized, they are returned to the person who requested them.

If you want to live in the state where you are applying for an immigration visa, you must have a valid domicile certificate. A domicile certificate is a legal document that shows a person’s legal right to live in the country where they reside. This document is also called a residence certificate and is a document that allows a person to work and live in a state where he is legally domiciled. It also helps you get residency in a certain state if you’re married in a different state.

Application process

To change the format of your domicile, you need to apply for a Domicile Certificate. This certificate is issued after a verification process. Here is the state-wise application process. During the process, you must submit valid identification proof like a PAN card, Aadhar card, or any other bank-related document, and residential proof. You must also fill out a Domicile Self Declaration form. The process can take about five to seven days to complete.

To apply for a domicile format, you must have a copy of your identity card, as well as your marriage certificate. You must be over eighteen years old unless you have been married to a resident for the past five years. Moreover, you must have a valid passport or a copy of your birth certificate. For female applicants, the residency proof period is five years. You must have other documents to prove your identity and residence.

A residence certificate shows that you are a permanent resident of a city or state. Obtaining a domicile certificate is necessary if you want to get various government benefits. For instance, you can apply for a school scholarship if you are a resident of Delhi. In addition, you can use your domicile certificate as proof of residence when applying for loans. For other purposes, your domicile certificate should prove that you are registered to vote in the city or state where you reside.

Domicile certificates are issued by the Punjab Board of Revenue. An assistant commissioner issues the certificates. To obtain a domicile format, you can apply at the parent department. Once you’ve done this, you must generate a challan with a value of Rs. 200. You can do this online or by visiting your local e-Khidmat Markaz. Fill out the forms P and P1 and submit them. Upon successful submission, you’ll receive an e-receipt.

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