How to Add a Motorcycle Endorsement to Your Washington Driver License

How to Add a Motorcycle Endorsement to Your Washington Driver License

Adding a motorcycle endorsement to your WA driver’s license is easy! You can do it online. The DOL will require your motorcycle school to enter your test results into their system. Once you’ve completed the test, you’ll be able to add your motorcycle endorsement to your license online in three business days. You’ll need a license valid for 12 months in order to get a permanent license. To add your new motorcycle endorsement to your license, log into the DOL website and select the Renew or Replace License option. You can then view the card information and print a temporary license while you wait for your permanent license.


You may wonder why you need to pay a motorcycle endorsement fee in Washington. The fees are paid to the state’s motorcycle safety program, which was founded over thirty years ago. At the time, the legislature thought the fees would reduce the cost of training. That’s not necessarily true. The DOL uses the funds for various purposes, such as research and public education. While the laws have changed over the years, the program still operates primarily to protect the public from motorcycle accidents.

Teenagers, who are under the age of eighteen, can apply for a motorcycle endorsement. They must be accompanied by a parent who has granted permission and has completed an approved motorcycle safety course. Once they are in the DOL system, they may print a temporary license and wait for their permanent license with the endorsement. Teenagers who have already acquired an endorsement in another state can transfer it to the DOL.

The fee for a motorcycle endorsement in Washington is thirty dollars, plus a driver’s license renewal fee. There are other fees that you should consider when comparing the cost of a motorcycle endorsement in Washington. Some of these fees vary depending on where you’re applying, such as motorcycle safety courses and riding skills tests. You should consider whether you’re comfortable paying these fees before enrolling in a motorcycle safety course. You can choose to take the skills test directly at the Washington Department of Licensing office and pick up your official motorcycle endorsement. You’ll need a parent/guardian permission form, which may be required.

Required knowledge and skills test questions

For the Washington motorcycle endorsement, you must take the Endorsement Level Skills Test. It is a two-run test that is administered by the Washington Motorcycle Safety Program, with questions on riding and stopping from a speed of twenty to twenty-five miles per hour. You will also need to show that you can handle both right and left-hand curves within the time standard. For a preview of what to expect on the test, watch the video below.

The Washington State Department of Licensing requires a passing score of at least six eighty percent on the knowledge portion, as well as a test on motorcycle riding skills. The knowledge test includes a timed figure eight-element and requires you to answer 20 out of twenty questions correctly. The skills test includes a short stop from twenty to twenty-five miles per hour and an assessment of your left and right-hand cornering techniques. Once you have passed both parts of the test, you can upload your test scores to the DOL website and apply for your motorcycle endorsement.

To get your WA motorcycle endorsement, you must first obtain a motorcycle permit. You can obtain this document by completing a motorcycle safety course. The DOL will provide you with a flyer, which you will need to take to the DOL. It is also required that you obtain a motorcycle insurance policy. To renew your permit, you can go online to the DOL website and select Replace License or Renew License. You can view your test results and print a temporary license while you wait for your permanent license.

You can take the Washington State DOL Motorcycle Permit Knowledge and Skills Test online to prepare for the written portion. The Washington DOL has increased the number of questions on the written knowledge test from five to forty. However, you can still find practice tests online, which contain the same five questions. The practice test questions will also help you focus on areas where you may have questions or lack knowledge. There are two versions of the Washington State DOL Motorcycle Permit Test: the Permit Level Knowledge and Skills Test and the Endorsement Level Written Test. You must complete this test before you can get your full endorsement.

Application process

You can add a motorcycle endorsement to your driver’s license in Washington by applying online. First, you must take a motorcycle safety course. Then, you must return to the DOL office with proof of enrollment and payment of the renewal fee. Next, you need to pass the motorcycle knowledge and skills tests. You can take the test at a motorcycle safety training school. After passing the test, you must bring your course completion card or green score sheet to the DOL office within 180 days. In addition, you must pay a fee for the endorsement.

The DOL license application process requires a 25-question knowledge test, as well as an endorsement riding skills test. Both of these tests must be passed with a minimum score of 68%. The knowledge test will also require you to demonstrate your riding skills, including a quick stop at 20-25 mph and a timed figure eight-element. You will also need to demonstrate your ability to corner both left and right. Once you’ve passed all of the required tests, you can upload your motorcycle endorsement to your DOL account.

The Washington DOL has strict requirements for obtaining a motorcycle endorsement. First, you must be 21 years old. Next, you need to demonstrate that you have the necessary skills. To get a motorcycle endorsement, you’ll need to complete an advanced motorcycle knowledge test and pass the DOL’s written examination. You can take this test as a part of a training course or through a testing facility. Once you’ve passed the test, you’ll need to submit your results to the DOL within three days.

The DOL also requires a current driver’s license and proof of residency. The EDL must be REAL ID compliant. You will also need to provide proof of residence, which can be a document with a physical address or a post office box. Proof of residence is also required to be able to operate a motorcycle at night. This is a simple process, and the DOL has provided guides to help you get started.

Exam results

An Idaho motorcycle endorsement allows a person to operate a motorbike. A motorcycle is a motor-driven cycle that displaces 250 cubic centimeters or less. This type of license is valid for one year and requires a motorcycle operator’s manual. You can get the manual at any driver licensing office for free. To prepare for the motorcycle endorsement exam, review the Motorcycle Operator’s Manual. It contains detailed information about the rules and regulations for riding motorcycles on public roads.

To take a motorcycle endorsement test, you must be at least 16 years old. If you’re under 18, you must have a parent or legal guardian sign the application. The test will require proof of completion of a motorcycle safety course, as well as a social security number. Applicants who don’t have a motorcycle permit must complete a written knowledge test and an on-cycle motorcycle skills exam. If you’re eligible, you can purchase an endorsement for $30 and add it to your driver’s license.

Motorcycle knowledge exams may include multiple-choice questions, as well as questions specific to the state’s laws. The written test is often the last step in a motorcycle endorsement application, and some states allow riders to skip the skills test if they’ve taken a motorcycle rider’s education course. Regardless of how the test is administered, the knowledge it tests is essential to obtaining a license. It will ensure your safety and that of other road users and motorists.

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