Free Math Sites

Free Math Sites

If you’re struggling with algebra, consider using a FREE math site online. Some sites, like WolframAlpha, IXL, Top Marks, and Desmos, include a variety of interactive math tools and activities. Here are some of my favorites. These math websites are easy to navigate, contain engaging content, and are a great resource for students and teachers alike. But, what about those who don’t use online resources?


WolframAlpha is a free research site powered by computational knowledge, which allows you to access answers to complex questions. You can use WolframAlpha to answer specific questions, such as how many planes are flying overhead or to find information about living organisms. In addition to solving common math questions, WolframAlpha also has extensive databases on many topics, such as dinosaur comparisons and shoe sizes.

The main page of WolframAlpha looks very similar to Google’s search homepage. Instead of typing a mathematical problem, you can simply enter the problem into the search box. If you’re not familiar with math, you can also select a subject to explore from a list of topics. The search engine also features an embedded answer feature, as well as options for determining weather conditions and other useful information.

This site contains over 300 calculators. You can solve equations and download the results in PDF format. You can also practice pre-algebra, matrices, functions, exponents, trigonometry, and word problems. Even if you’re not a math major, you can use WolframAlpha to practice other subjects such as geometry or science. You can even use it to check your work!


IXL is a FREE online math tutoring service that offers unlimited practice questions for every subject, including geometry, algebra, and trigonometry. In addition to providing practice problems, IXL is designed to reinforce previously learned material. You can use IXL Math to review concepts, drill equations, formulas, and theorems, and also practice for an upcoming exam. To get started, sign up for an account.

This math tutoring service covers five main learning areas and offers content for students from kindergarten to eighth grade. Each grade level has a different curriculum to help students with their learning process. The first-grade curriculum teaches students basic addition while the eighth-grade curriculum teaches students to plot graphs from equations. Each curriculum is designed by veteran educators in the USA and meets State education standards. As a bonus, IXL is completely free and designed for every level of a math student.

IXL also offers a wealth of analytics that help teachers and parents create individualized learning paths for their students. Its questions are adaptive to student responses, providing more targeted practice than a traditional question bank. Additionally, IXL’s analytics feature helps parents gain a deeper understanding of a child’s strengths and weaknesses. By analyzing these metrics, parents can tailor their maths lessons to help their children become more proficient.

Top Marks

If you’re looking for a great math site for your kids, you’ve come to the right place! You can find both free resources and premium versions. Premium resources come with super tracking and reporting tools to help your child increase their speed and accuracy. Top Marks is a popular choice among teachers and parents, and it is easy to use at home, too. Try it for yourself and see what all the fuss is about.

While this free website has plenty of content for kids of all ages, there are some games that are particularly engaging. A few of the games include the popular Hit the Button game, which is known to develop times-table confidence. You can also play countless other games and activities. You’ll need Adobe Flash Player to access the site’s content. The site also has a premium version that allows you to play without ads and access premium content.

Another excellent free math site is Math Playground. Developed by a math expert, this website offers a wealth of free content on a variety of topics. There are animated videos, games, and tutorials that reinforce key math concepts. The free content is great for reinforcing prior learning and introducing new ones. There are even games that use negative numbers, which will help your child become confident with their math skills. Premium members can access additional content that enhances their learning.


If you’re looking for an interactive tool to help teach math, you’ve come to the right place. Desmos is a FREE math site that offers a visual way to illustrate expressions and gives educators powerful tools for teaching. Complex math is often difficult for students who aren’t accustomed to it. Desmos is part calculator, part interactive simulation tool, and a brilliant example of inquiry-driven math. Its super-smart instructional support tools make it easy for even the most novice teacher to use and provide a great learning experience for their students.

Desmos is also available as an online graphing calculator and scientific calculator, which are free to use. This calculator will emulate the public-facing version. During testing, the graphing calculator will be disabled so that students can practice solving equations. The calculator will also include a folder containing examples of math problems. It’s important to note that the version you use in Desmos is different than the version that will be used on tests.

Teachers can create lessons with Desmos’ custom activity feature, which is a valuable tool for making classroom activities and assessments. Teachers can even create classroom activities using Desmos, which helps students connect mathematical concepts to concrete pictures and shapes. By using the tool, students can preview the results of activity before completing it. You can also save a draft for later revisions. When teaching online, Desmos is an excellent resource.

Wolfram Open Reference

If you’re a student or just looking to learn more about math, Wolfram Open Reference is a great choice. It has nearly 13,000 resource entries, a search bar, and a keyboard icon. You can use math help to search for equations, solve equations, and find explanations. This math website is also free, and you don’t need to register. It contains numerous practice questions.

This website can help you understand any level of math, from kindergarten to differential equations in engineering. It allows you to enter any question you have about any subject, including complex mathematical problems. The graphical user interface makes it easy to enter mathematics in textbook notation without having to memorize a lot of Mathematica syntax. This site is designed for all skill levels. It is easy to navigate and offers quizzes to help you assess your knowledge.

The open source community is encouraging this competition, and it’s great to see Wolfram taking a step in that direction. Mathematica is a popular program for learning technical mathematics, and it features a notebook interface, data science, geometry, slide production, and visualization. There is also Wolfram Alpha, a free online service that allows you to enter factual queries and get relevant visualizations.


Unlike traditional textbooks, Woot Math offers a personalized progression of lessons based on student progress. Its algorithms automatically adjust content to fit the student’s needs. The lessons align with the Common Core Math Content Standards and are created using the most recent academic research. Teachers can create and assign math polls to students and monitor their progress. Teachers can even download reports that summarize students’ performance in a particular subject.

The technology behind Woot Math is powerful. Its adaptive engine analyzes student work and identifies areas where students struggle and then adapts instruction based on what students need most. Woot Math’s problem bank is designed by master classroom teachers and reviewed by leading math education researchers. With its NSF-funded research, Woot has demonstrated its efficacy in enhancing learning outcomes. The program is fully compatible with all major educational platforms, including Chromebook, iPad, and web-based platforms.

Teachers can also use Woot Math outside the classroom, which gives them more freedom to use the resource when it works for them. Teachers can use Woot Math to facilitate whole-class discussions, and they can use the platform to conduct real-time quizzes and warm-ups. It also has formative assessment features that allow teachers to measure student progress. Woot Math also provides teachers with a customizable sequence of mathematics lessons.

BrainPop Jr.

As a math teacher, you will be pleased to know that you can teach your students online using BrainPOP Jr.’s free resources. This website provides digital educational content for children from kindergarten through third grade. There are more than 250 topics available for young learners, which are designed to encourage question-based learning and extend key concepts. The site’s interactive features and learning games will keep your students engaged while they explore the content. Additionally, all of the content is read aloud, so students will be able to follow along as the author explains each concept.

The site offers both free and paid content, including videos and learning lessons. If you’re a teacher, you can access free content that allows you to customize your child’s experience. There are even special resources for educators. These resources provide training opportunities and resources to help teachers use BrainPOP Jr. effectively. While many parents may be skeptical of online math lessons, it is important to note that this program is completely free.

Besides the content, BrainPOP Jr. is filled with beautiful animated videos that help kids learn about math concepts. You’ll be pleased to know that the app has received five-star EAS certification. While you can download the free version of the site and explore its features, you can also subscribe to BrainPOP Jr. to unlock full content and features. You can even buy premium accounts to enjoy additional content and features.

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