Five Self-Employment Podcasts You Should Listen To

Five Self-Employment Podcasts You Should Listen To

There are plenty of self-employment podcasts out there, but these five are worth checking out. You can multitask while listening to Business Wars, UnF*ck Your Brain, Freelance to Founder, and The Accidental Creative. But which ones are worth listening to? If you want to be successful in your freelancing endeavors, there are no better guides than these. You’ll learn everything you need to know to succeed.

Business Wars

If you are looking for some advice for self-employment, Business Wars is an excellent choice. Hosted by David Brown, this business podcast focuses on the daily battles between companies to create a brand name. Listeners can expect an insider look at controversial disputes and surprising business stories. Business Wars also features interviews with business leaders, authors, inventors, and executives. This podcast will provide actionable advice for self-employment and small business owners.

The podcast explores the inner workings of big companies and the rivalry that makes them successful. The podcast’s interviews with leaders of big businesses reveal what makes them tick, and what keeps them motivated. Business Wars is a must-listen for anyone in business, whether you’re a freelancer or a start-up. It will inspire you to do more, be more, and build a stronger brand.

A good business podcast is an excellent way to learn about the latest trends in business. Business Wars features interviews with business leaders, entrepreneurs, and consultants. You’ll learn from their experiences and learn from their insights. You can subscribe to the podcast by following their social media accounts or subscribing to the Patreon community. Those who are looking for podcasts about small businesses can listen to Business Wars in a few ways.

Freelance to Founder

The Freelance to Founder self-employment podcast is a great way to learn more about the self-employment industry. The hosts feature top entrepreneurs and high achievers, focusing on the entrepreneurial life and the importance of work/life balance. The interviews range from authors to artists to business people and athletes. The podcast features actionable advice on how to be successful as a freelancer. It is recommended for anyone considering this career path.

The Freelance to Founder podcast is a great source of education, inspiration, and advice for people in different fields. Listening to the right podcasts can help you stay on top of trends and learn from the experiences of successful entrepreneurs. A freelancing career requires constant development and a constant awareness of changing trends. The list of podcasts above should provide the motivation and education you need to succeed. Here is a list of the best ones to listen to:

The Freelance to Founder podcast features seasoned entrepreneurs and one-person businesses. The hosts, Preston and Clay, have built successful businesses as freelancing entrepreneurs and now offer weekly coaching calls to freelancers. The podcast is packed with actionable advice and deep dives on skills needed for success in the freelancing industry. Besides “Freelance to Founder,” you can also subscribe to the Creative Elements self-employment podcast, which bridges the gap between art and business.

UnF*ck Your Brain

If you’re searching for the best podcast on self-employment, you’ve come to the right place. UnF*ck Your Brain is a weekly podcast hosted by feminist confidence coach Kara Loewentheil. It’s aimed at high-achieving women. In each episode, Kara tackles topics like anxiety, self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and people-pleasing. You’ll also learn ways to increase your self-confidence and get rid of negative thoughts about yourself.

The show is hosted by Kara Loewentheil, a life coach and master certified coach. She earned her bachelor’s from Yale University and her JD from Harvard Law. She later practiced law as a women’s rights lawyer before deciding to become a life coach. She’s written three books on self-employment, including “The UnF*ck Your Brain Self Employment Guide.”

The Accidental Creative

The Accidental Creative self-employment podcast has had more than 10 million downloads in five years. The podcast is packed with tips for aspiring solopreneurs and interviews with top artists, thinkers, and entrepreneurs. You can find daily updates and bonus episodes, as well as deep dives into specific topics. You can also send in voice messages to share your thoughts and ask questions. If you’re looking for a daily dose of inspiration, The Accidental Creative podcast might be the right place to start.

Todd Henry started out as a hobbyist and started a podcast called “The Accidental Creative” in 2005. Through this podcast, he has learned about different strategies to grow his audience online and make more money. In fact, it’s now a full-time speaking career and has even replaced his regular job. The Accidental Creative self-employment podcast is an essential listen. You can find more podcast episodes by following the links below.

This podcast is aimed at large businesses and has interviews with successful business owners. It shares practical tips to help you grow your business. The podcast is also loaded with interviews with professional creatives, such as artists, authors, and business leaders. The host has an excellent rapport with guests, and the content is full of practical tips for today’s self-employed individuals. These episodes can be highly beneficial to the listener’s creative life.

Rachel Hollis

If you’re looking to start your own business, the Best Self Employment Podcast by Rachel Hollis is a must-have. The bestselling author has created a blockbuster business by sharing her “authentic” self. Hollis had planned a live event for 100 attendees in Austin, Texas, on May 14, but she already had more than 2,000 registrations online. Since then, she has hosted both physical and virtual events, and she has scheduled one in May 2020.

The podcast starts with Hollis discussing how to make your goals and dreams achievable. She reveals the habits that can keep you from achieving your goals and creating a more fulfilling life. For example, the importance of being confident in your abilities and overcoming your insecurities. You can also learn how to market yourself to attract the right clients and customers. In addition to the Best Self Employment Podcast by Rachel Hollis, you can also listen to her other interviews.

Another fantastic podcast is The Rise by Rachel Hollis. The podcast is hosted by Hollis, a New York Times bestselling author of “The Happiest Business in the World”. The episodes dive deep into various topics, including motivation and health. In addition to interviews with business and personal development leaders, Hollis also discusses the challenges of running a small business and provides valuable takeaways for self-employment.

No More Water Cooler

The No More Water Cooler self-employment podcast features real stories about freelancers who have overcome challenges, achieved success, and gained a sense of personal fulfillment. Each episode features a different freelancer who answers listeners’ questions about work, life, and mental health. In no time, you’ll feel empowered, less stressed, and more satisfied with your work. The podcast is available in most podcast apps. You can find it on iTunes or Google Play.

The Self-Employed Life

If you are a freelancer, business owner, or entrepreneur, then you’ve probably heard of The Self-Employed Life Podcast. Being self-employed is more than just working for yourself; it also means being your own boss and making decisions on your own terms. This podcast will give you the information you need to become a self-employed person. Read on to learn about the different ways you can start your own business and become your own boss.

Jeffrey Shaw’s The Self-Employed Life is an essential manual for self-employed entrepreneurs. It covers a wide range of topics including personal development, business strategies, and daily habits. It has three sections: Start Your Business, Build a Personal Brand, and Make Money. The Self-Employed Life is written from an entrepreneurial perspective, so it is not just for entrepreneurs or small business owners. It’s also a good choice for entrepreneurs looking to build a successful business.

Jeffrey Shaw is a small business coach, TEDx speaker, and brand management consultant. He is also the host of The Self-Employed Life Podcast. His podcast covers business strategy, self-employment tips, and the value of authenticity. Throughout the podcast, Shaw discusses the value of authenticity and the power of “for the sake of” in business. Lastly, he talks about building trust in a business model based on multiples.

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