Fairfield University Notable Alumni

Fairfield University Notable Alumni

Fairfield University is home to some of the most noteworthy alumni in the country. Here are a few of them. Check them out and get to know more about Fairfield University. It’s a Jesuit college and one of only 28 in the United States. Its mission is to educate the whole person, and its environment invites students of all faith traditions to mature in their faith and in their own selves. It also fosters respect for others and a passion for truth. It also promotes lifelong learning and service.

Mezzo Cammin

The list of Fairfield University notable alumni is extensive and diverse. It features Olympic and national sports champions, politicians, business people, and actors. These successful individuals have all left their mark on the world. These graduates are excellent examples of the school’s commitment to academics and community service. The University offers a broad range of opportunities for all students, and many of the alumni have chosen to remain active in their communities.

Mezzo Cammin is a literary journal devoted to women’s form poetry, which was associated with the university until 2010. Another Fairfield University literary journal is Mason’s Road, which accepts poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and art. The magazine also features audio work.

Fairfield University has been a frequent stop on presidential campaign trails. In the 1980s, George H. Bush and Ronald Reagan visited the campus. In the latter’s campaign, Bush delivered a speech in the Alumni Hall, attacking Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis. Fairfield University alumnus J. Michael Farren ’77 served as a vice president of the Bush-Quayle Reelection Committee and a vice president of the Bush-Quayle Foundation.

The University also boasts a Debate Team. The team was led by Jason LaRue ’99 and Courtney Darts ’01, and won first place at the Columbia University Parliamentary Debate Tournament, defeating 69 other teams. The university’s debating team has achieved national recognition. They recently defeated teams from Yale, Princeton, and Johns Hopkins.

The University is home to approximately 40,000 alumni. The university’s Strategic Vision calls for increasing diversity among its students. Approximately a third of Fairfield University students are minority. A diverse campus encourages students from all traditions to grow and mature in their faith and self-knowledge. The environment at the University is designed to promote compassion, respect, and lifelong learning.

The University is home to the DiMenna-Nyselius Library. The library was built in 1968 and is named in honor of Swedish immigrants Gustav and Dagmar Nyselius, who settled in Stamford. This renaming ceremony was held in April 2014.

Fairfield University has an outstanding record of obtaining Fulbright Scholarships, which help students study abroad for a year following graduation. Aside from studying abroad, Fairfield University students also have the opportunity to pursue postdoctoral research. Its students have won numerous national fellowships and awards.

Mason’s Road

Fairfield University is a private, Jesuit university in Fairfield, Connecticut. Founded in 1942, it has 4,100 full-time undergraduate and graduate students and approximately 1,100 part-time students. The University is known for its renowned faculty and excellent student services. In 2017, it had 1,100 graduates and 4,100 full-time undergraduate students.

The Fairfield University basketball program boasts a history of success. In its early years, the school’s teams were district and state powerhouses. They were led by legendary coaches such as Fella Gintoff and starred players such as Bob Gerwien, Dick Ramik, Anthony “Swing” Incerto, and Joe Fida. They also produced a number of great players including George McGoldrick, Nick Bilotta, and Dan Pangrazio.

Fairfield University’s students hail from 32 states and the District of Columbia, as well as from 45 countries. Over 13% of undergraduate students are Asian, Hispanic, or African American, which shows the university’s commitment to diversity. In fact, the University’s Strategic Vision calls for a diverse student body to ensure that the university reflects the diversity of its community.

Mezzo Cammin, a literary journal devoted to women’s form poetry, is an online journal that was once affiliated with Fairfield University. In addition, Mason’s Road, an online literary journal sponsored by Fairfield University’s MFA in Creative Writing program, accepts submissions in poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. The journal also publishes audio and video.

Fairfield University has been a popular stop for presidential campaigns. Ronald Reagan visited Fairfield during the 1984 election and George H. Bush visited the campus in 1988. In the latter’s speech, Bush blasted Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis. Fairfield University also produces prominent public figures such as J. Michael Farren ’77, who was the deputy campaign manager for the Bush-Quayle Reelection Committee.

Fairfield University’s Notable Alumni are outstanding people who have worked hard to earn their status. They have a strong work ethic, and they often sacrificed a lot during training to be able to achieve their goals. Fairfield University is an excellent place to develop your skills and meet people who share your values. They may even become lifelong friends.

Students have the option of living on campus. The University guarantees housing for first-year students. First-year students are placed in residence halls or apartments depending on their class. In addition, most underclassmen live in The Quad or The Orient, consisting of Campion Hall, Joques Hall, and Gonzaga Hall. These residence halls often have fun water fights and wiffleball games.

There are several notable alumni on Mason’s Road, Fairfield University. Some of them have been married or have children. A few are active in the local community. Nick Bilotta and Jim Hanrahan both met at Fairfield University. Both were teammates and co-captains during their college years.

George Bisacca is another notable graduate. He played baseball and basketball at the college level. He was part of the first four-year graduating class in 1946. He later went on to receive a doctorate in law from Georgetown School of Law. In addition, he is a former head coach of University Basketball. Bisacca coached the school’s basketball team during its transition to the Division I era.

Fairfield University is a private, Jesuit university located in Fairfield, Connecticut. The school was founded in 1942 and is a member of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities. The school’s mission is to foster the intellectual potential of its students and promote ethical and social responsibility. It also emphasizes the liberal humanistic approach to education.

The team won a Mid-Bridgeport Intercollegiate Athletic Conference title in 1961-62. It won the CIAC Class LL tournament and tied with Harding for the MBIAC title. Among other notable alumni, this team includes Bob Sylvester, Joe Kraynick, Ray Ulatowski, and Frank Grywalski.

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