Duolingo English Test Vs IELTS

Duolingo English Test Vs IELTS

This article will compare the Duolingo English test with the IELTS. We’ll look at the Adaptive nature of Duolingo, Cost, and Comparability of both tests. If you’re planning to study abroad, this article can help you decide if Duolingo is the right choice for you. If you haven’t tried Duolingo before, here are some things you should know before you make the final decision.

Comparison of Duolingo’s English test with that of IELTS

The main difference between IELTS and Duolingo’s English tests is the amount of time you must allocate for each section. The IELTS is a widely accepted test with a score scale of 0-9. The test is administered 48 days a year. Duolingo tests you only during the academic year you are taking the course. As you can see from the comparison table, IELTS tests are generally more demanding than Duolingo.

The duration of the Duolingo English test is approximately one hour. The TOEFL and IELTS also assist with sending the test results to several universities for free. For the latter, they charge around USD 20 per report. However, Duolingo does not charge for additional test results. You can complete the Duolingo English test in less than an hour and get your results in 48 hours.

The Duolingo English test measures reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. The score is reported holistically and not broken down by section. Generally, students are expected to achieve a score in the range of 110-160. The score is calculated according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), which is a global standard for language proficiency. Those who wish to pursue study abroad should aim to score at least 120.

Duolingo’s English test is not an exact replica of IELTS. In fact, the scores on both tests are correlated. For example, the English Test on Duolingo correlates with the TOEFL Academic score. And because there is no exam center in the United States, you can take the test at any time and anywhere. That means there is no need to spend a lot of money on expensive tests.

The Duolingo English test is split into three sections: an introduction to the test, Adaptive Questions, and a writing sample. The Adaptive Questions section tests listening, reading, and writing. The Speaking Test takes eleven to fourteen minutes. Duolingo’s English test, by contrast, costs only 49 dollars and you’ll get your results within 48 hours. While IELTS results are valid for two years, they don’t last as long.

Adaptive nature

Unlike traditional, fixed-form exams, the Duolingo English test is computer-adaptive, meaning that the difficulty level of the questions is based on the answers the student gives to the previous items. This feature allows test takers to move forward when their answers are correct. In addition, the Adaptive Exam System makes it easier to understand the next question and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as evaluating one’s proficiency in the language.

The adaptive nature of the Duolingo English test is a major selling point, as it is flexible enough to measure English proficiency at any level. Although the DET was originally developed to measure university-level English, its adaptive nature allows it to measure a range of skills. In addition to this, it is relatively inexpensive, making it more appealing to students than traditional English-language tests. However, some communities are still skeptical of these tests.

The Adaptive Nature of the Duolingo English test allows it to progress in a faster and more efficient manner than traditional tests. It also offers questions that are more difficult and more complex based on what students answer. The questions are presented in a sequence that reduces in difficulty as the student approaches the end of the test. The results are then reported to the test taker via an email or a link.

The Duolingo English test has four sections. Each section lasts about 45-60 minutes, depending on the level of language proficiency. The speaking section is done 7 days before the actual test date, and each question is repeated after a certain period. As you progress through the tests, the timer at the top of the screen keeps pace. Duolingo offers a variety of study options, depending on your learning style.

The Adaptive Nature of the Duolingo English test allows test takers to take fewer than one hour to determine their proficiency level. Additionally, the Duolingo English test requires less time to complete, with very few items at the higher or lower proficiency levels. As a result, it feels less stressful than longer, fixed-form exams. Assessment scientists use a variety of tools to make sure the test difficulty level is appropriate. The test ends when the algorithm determines that the applicant is proficient in English.


Duolingo English test costs approximately $49. The test is online and adaptive, taking about an hour to complete. You must have a computer with speakers and a working microphone to take the test. The test is available two times a month. You can take it as many times as you like, and the test is scored by human raters and computer algorithms. However, the cost is quite high compared to IELTS tests.

For one, students must book the test months ahead of time, and many have to travel to the testing center to complete the test. Then, they have to wait weeks to see the results. In addition, these tests can cost hundreds of dollars and take weeks to complete. However, Duolingo has made English test-taking as easy as possible, and its unique approach to testing makes it convenient and affordable.

In addition to its convenience, the Duolingo English test is widely accepted by top universities. Harvard Medical School has recently announced that it accepts Duolingo test scores as an alternative to IELTS or TOEFL. Ultimately, it is the most cost-effective, time-efficient, and universally accepted English test available. But what about the IELTS? Is it really worth it?

The Duolingo English test requires students to answer two types of questions. During the interview portion, they must speak and write a short monologue about a topic. The video interview portion of the exam will contribute to the overall score. The score is given from ten to 55 points and includes an interview and unscored sections. The basic score is the lowest level of the two and means the student is able to understand simple information and express themselves in familiar contexts.

The main difference between IELTS and Duolingo is the cost. Duolingo is more affordable than IELTS and can be taken at home. Moreover, a growing number of universities accept Duolingo scores as proof of proficiency in English. You can also use Duolingo as a substitute for the IELTS, and Hurray Overseas Education has compiled information on Duolingo’s cost and quality.

Comparability with IELTS

When comparing the two tests, it is useful to understand the differences between them. IELTS is designed for use in an educational context, whereas DET is intended for general proficiency. Duolingo claims that the DET is mainly used for admission decisions. Its content is not limited to language learning, however. Its agnostic nature also makes it attractive to test-takers, as it does not require any specific knowledge.

Both IELTS and Duolingo use different methods for judging proficiency levels. Both tests use a scale of 0-9, and the results of the IELTS test are given in bands. In some cases, you can expect to get a band score for each section. In some cases, you will get an average score for all three sections, and your total IELTS score will be determined by your performance in the speaking section. The following table compares proficiency levels for IELTS and Duolingo.

The Duolingo English Test is a computer-based online test that has a unique adaptive feature. It can automatically adjust the difficulty level based on the answers you give. This means that if you give incorrect answers to several questions, the difficulty level of the subsequent questions will be lower. The Duolingo test is therefore considered to be a more accurate measure of your English skills.

The Duolingo English test is becoming increasingly popular. Its score can be converted to IELTS and TOEFL scores, allowing you to compare the two. Duolingo has been accepted by many educational institutions and is widely used in many settings. Duolingo English test scores are aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference, an internationally recognized guideline that describes language proficiency.

The TOEFL focuses on academic and real-world scenarios. People who have excelled on traditional tests may prefer the TOEFL. For example, TOEFL divides the questions into sections, while Duolingo blends all of the types into one exam. For instance, Duolingo’s writing section might end with a reading question, and you’ll find that you’ve completed the entire exam in just over an hour.

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