Courses at the YMCA

Courses at the YMCA

If you’re looking to improve your fitness and stay in shape, you may want to consider taking a course at the YMCA of Greater New York. The YMCA offers classes in a wide variety of subjects, including Lifeguarding, CPR, and Scuba diving. You can also enroll in a Babysitter’s course if you’d like to earn your certification before taking care of young children.


The YMCA offers various types of lifeguarding courses. The course for new guards offers a comprehensive knowledge of problem-solving skills and aquatic emergency systems. Other courses include spinal injury management, legal issues, and pool management. Those who want to pursue a career in lifeguarding should consider taking an ASHI course. It is not a requirement for every YMCA. However, if you want to work at a YMCA, you will need to have a valid state ID.

During the course, participants must complete a pre-test and two skills tests. In addition, they must bring a pocket mask and swim 550 yards without arms. The skills that are taught in the course include a timed brick response and a 15-yard underwater ring retrieval. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive an American Red Cross lifeguard certification. After passing the course, they are required to wear a lifeguard mask and receive CPR and First Aid certification.

The YMCA of Greater Brandywine Lifeguard certification is the most comprehensive and popular lifeguarding course. Lifeguards must complete American Red Cross training, Basic First Aid, and AED modules. YMCA lifeguards also undergo annual certification. This training is essential for protecting the public and ensuring the safety of swimmers. It also gives new lifeguards a chance to gain experience while serving the community.


The YMCA offers CPR courses and First Aid classes, which can help you stay prepared for an emergency. These courses cover topics like CPR for adults and children, treatment of cuts and sudden illnesses, and more. Participants also learn how to give aid to a baby or infant. CPR and First Aid classes can help you deal with emergencies, whether at work, home, or at play. Learn how to save a life and keep your family safe.

This course covers a variety of life-saving skills, including the use of an AED and CPR for adults. The courses are designed to be a good fit for people with little or no medical background. In addition, you can earn a certificate, which is valid for two years. Classes are offered Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, and you can even complete your CPR training over the phone.

If you are interested in becoming a lifeguard, you can take a CPR course at YMCA. The courses are accredited by the American Red Cross, which means they are certified by the YMCA. You can learn more about lifeguard training at YMCA by visiting their website. The YMCA offers a variety of lifeguard classes for those who want to become certified. This course includes the renewal of CPR Pro, First Aid, and emergency oxygen certifications. YMCA lifeguard courses are also offered by approved organizations such as the American Red Cross, the Boy Scouts of America, the National Aquatic Safety Company, and the Starfish Aquatic Institute.

Scuba diving

If you’re interested in scuba diving but are hesitant about completing a full certification course, you can try the YMCA’s Try Scuba program. This class is only thirty minutes long and is limited to two participants per session. Then, you can take the Scuba Diver Certification Course to learn how to drive safely and enjoy the underwater world. Certification requires a combination of class work, pool training, and an open-water demonstration of skills. To enroll in a certification class, you must be in the reasonable physical condition and complete an online program.

Joosten, who teaches SCUBA diving classes at the YMCA, teaches Bubblemakers class for ages 8-10. Then, kids can progress to the master diver or event dive instructor program. Kids can sign up for most classes monthly. Joosten grew up in Colorado and began diving with a friend there. Later, he moved to Texas and started an adventure travel company. At YMCAs around Austin, he teaches SCUBA classes and continues to run the adventure travel program.

The YMCA SCUBA Program began in 1959 and operated until 2008 when it was sold to Scuba Educators International. It was the first nationally organized scuba diving instruction program in the United States. Now, YMCA Scuba instructors deliver the same course content as SCUBA EDUCATORS INTERNATIONAL, a nonprofit organization founded by former YMCA scuba instructors.

Babysitter’s training

Babysitter training is essential for anyone looking to work with young children. Training in child care is crucial to ensure the safety of the children while you’re away. The Babysitter’s Training Handbook will teach you all of the basics of child care including the basics of first aid, how to properly diaper an infant, and even how to prepare simple meals for the children. This course will also teach you how to effectively market yourself and find jobs in the child-care industry.

The YMCA in Wheeler, Wisconsin, offers certified classes for babysitters to learn the skills necessary to care for children. These courses are free for members and cover topics from child behavior to the basics of child care. Additionally, they provide American Red Cross certification to babysitters and other childcare professionals. Classes usually include both written and practical exams and are suitable for anyone looking to start a new career in the child-care industry.

In addition to online classes, YMCA also offers in-person training courses in babysitting. The courses are taught by industry experts and will prepare you to become a reliable, compassionate babysitter. Classes typically run from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM on the third Saturday of the month. Space is limited to 10 students and refunds are issued only one week prior to the start date. There is a $10 processing fee on all refunds, so make sure you plan ahead and sign up as soon as possible.

Sewing classes

If you have been interested in learning how to sew, you should consider taking a sewing class at the YMCA in Edwardsville. There are classes for beginners, intermediate, and advanced machine sewing skills. Beginners may choose a class that is appropriate for their current level of sewing experience. Intermediate students can also choose a class that is geared toward their skills and experience. Beginner classes typically offer basic sewing techniques, while more advanced students can take up the class to improve their sewing skills.

Gymnastics club

The YMCA is home to a nationally recognized gymnastics team, the Madison Area YMCA Rosettes. This team of kids ages 5 to 18 practices grace, strength, poise, and teamwork. In addition to their athletic skills, members of the club learn about social interaction, teamwork, and good sportsmanship. These skills are critical to a successful competitive career in the sport of gymnastics.

Beginning students will work on tumbling, floor exercises, and vault skills. Intermediate students will move on to more advanced training, which focuses on bar and vault skills. Children should be able to maintain a ratio of one instructor to six participants. Classes can be arranged to be a variety of different skill levels, and you can choose between beginner, intermediate, or advanced classes. Once your child reaches the Intermediate level, they may advance to an advanced level of gymnastics.

Mini-Team classes will help your child advance from their beginner level to competitive level. Each class is three hours long and incorporates a TRX Workout. The Mini-Team will also travel to competitive gymnastics meets in Texas. Mini-Team gymnasts learn compulsory routines on Vault, Bars, Beam, and Floor. Mini-Team participants must be fully toilet-trained and at least 4 years of age.

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