ClassTag Apps for Teacher-Parent Communication

ClassTag Apps for Teacher-Parent Communication

If you’re a teacher looking for new ways to communicate with parents, there are some great apps that will help you achieve your goals. Here are some of our favorites: ClassTag, ClassDojo, Remind, and ClassSquare. These apps will help you manage class communication, stay connected with parents, and even gamify school. Read on to learn more about these apps. Then, go get them!


One of the main features of ClassTag Apps for Teacher Parent communication is the ability to send and receive messages. Teachers can send messages directly to parents, send class-wide announcements, and convert them to text or email. Parents can also designate their preferred language when creating an account. This helps teachers better understand how parents are communicating with their children. As an added benefit, ClassTag Apps for Teacher Parent communication can also be translated into a variety of languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian.

With more than 5 million families using ClassTag, it’s easy to see why. The free, convenient, and secure platform provides an unlimited number of possibilities. Plus, it’s FERPA and COPPA certified, so your privacy is secure and protected. It also supports 50+ languages. That means parents can get timely updates, and your job becomes easier. Parents can even share photos and files, and teachers can share weekly homework assignments and schedule conferences.

Another cool feature of ClassTag is the ability for teachers to share class moments with their parents. Teachers can upload pictures and videos of classroom projects or even a holiday concert with their parents. Parents can also view classroom notes. The app is free for parents to download, and the app is easy to use. The teacher-parent communication benefits of using ClassTag are well worth the free price. This cloud-based app also allows teachers to share important announcements, calendar events, and engagement statistics.


The ClassDojo app for teacher-parent communication allows you to communicate with your child’s teacher from your mobile device. You can view your child’s progress, activity, and lessons, and send private messages to your child’s teacher. The app helps you stay on top of your child’s progress and reinforces the notion of parental engagement. ClassDojo hopes to promote individual communication between parents and teachers beyond the rare parent-teacher conference.

The ClassDojo app enables you to give your students instant feedback by rating them on class values. Positive behaviors are scored on a scale of one to five points. Negative behaviors are rated on a scale of minus one to five points. The app also has an at-a-glance score that you and your parents can easily view. You can also populate the class roster manually or pull names from an Excel or Word document. Using the ClassDojo app, you can randomly assign students to different monster cartoon characters, or you can use the app to generate a class roster. You can then invite parents to the class by printing out invitations or sending an email. Each parent will need to enter a unique joining code to sign up.

The app offers excellent translation. It reduces language barriers so that parents can easily communicate with teachers. Teachers can send messages in English, their native language, or any other language. The ClassDojo application automatically translates messages into the desired language. Messages are available on the iOS and Android apps, and you can view multiple student accounts. This feature is particularly convenient for families with more than one child at the same school.


Remind is a great tool for teachers to use to communicate with parents and students. The app is free for classrooms, and you can even get institutional-wide plans. Remind says that 80 percent of U.S. schools are using it. It is also useful for reinforcing existing communication systems. Students and parents can reply to the messages by sending a simple question or stamp to indicate their answer. Teachers can use Remind to send reminders for important dates, remind students of upcoming tests, and update parents on schedule changes. They can also share snapshots of their hard work or check in on substitute teachers.

Using Remind is easy. Signing up is quick and easy. You can add students to groups to get instant messages from your teachers. You can even send out emails to each of them. Remind lets you pause a conversation if you are out of the office and would like to communicate with your students. You can also choose which notification method to use, text message, email, or in-app push notifications.

With Remind, teachers can send out updates, assignments, and reminders to parents through their phones. This makes it easy for teachers to keep up with the latest happenings in their classrooms. Remind also integrates with a lot of applications, allowing you to use it as a one-stop shop for communication. Teachers can also set office hours, add co-teachers, and schedule messages.


When it comes to communication between parents and teachers, the ClassSquare app is a popular choice for both of these purposes. This online tool allows teachers to communicate with parents in real-time, and can even translate messages. Parents can update their information and preferences at any time to stay informed about their child’s classroom. Not only can they receive updates in real-time, but they can also opt for a daily digest that will be sent to them every day at 6 pm.

As a cloud-based platform, the ClassSquare app helps educational institutes streamline their daily operations. It facilitates communications between staff, students, and parents through features like parent-teacher conferences and volunteer signups. Parents can also subscribe to a parent group and send texts or emails alerting them of important dates. It supports both email and text messages and all languages, so parents can receive updates in their preferred format.

The free ClassSquare app offers a variety of features, including a calendar, announcements, photo and video sharing, and conference sign-ups. Additionally, parents can also sign up for school-wide newsletters. The app is a popular choice for communication between teachers and parents, and it is easy to see why. With its simple user interface and powerful features, ClassSquare is a valuable teacher-parent communication tool.


If you are looking for a way to keep up with your child’s education, you’ve come to the right place! Schoology has made it a breeze to stay involved in your child’s education. If you’re not sure how to use this tool, you can learn more about it in our guide! Just follow the steps outlined in this article to get started! Then, you’ll be on your way to parent-teacher communication success!

One of the most appealing features of Schoology is that it connects parents and teachers on a holistic level. It keeps track of upcoming assessments, student activities, calendar events, and more. Schoology Apps for Teacher Parent communication makes communication between teachers and parents simple and convenient. The center area lets you view a child’s grade and recent submissions. You can also send a direct message to a teacher or respond to their posts in real-time.

Another great feature of Schoology Apps for Teacher Parent communication is its integration with Google and Microsoft. This allows teachers to create curricula using tools they already use in their classrooms, like Google docs and slides. Teachers can even customize a copy of their curriculum to fit each student. This integration also boosts the relationship between home and school. You can even set up parent groups and post-school announcements and store important resources in group folders.


One of the features that many teachers are looking for in an app for teacher-parent communication is the ability to store purchased resources. Teachers can add these resources to their Airtable databases. Each user is limited to 2GB of free space per base. Teachers can also add notes, bookmarks, and favorite pages to Airtable. They can also include information about the lesson materials they are planning to teach. Teachers can use the Airtable app to create an online database of the information they need for each class.

A parent-teacher communication app can streamline the process. With ClassTag, teachers can send direct messages, pictures, and videos to parents. The app also allows teachers to schedule events and to-do items. Additionally, ClassTag allows teachers to schedule parent-teacher conferences and volunteer opportunities. The app will automatically convert parent preferences to ensure the most effective communication between the two parties. Regardless of your teaching style, this app is likely to increase your efficiency.

One of the most important features of the Airtable app for teacher-parent communication is that it has many benefits. An app is an all-in-one tool that provides a teacher directory, class rosters, and contact information for parents. It also includes a secure Wi-Fi connection so that teachers don’t need to worry about their students accessing a malicious site. Besides that, users can customize their Airtable app according to their schedules and goals.

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