Cheapest Living Cost in Canada

Cheapest Living Cost in Canada

The cheapest living costs in Canada are not necessarily the cheapest. Some areas are more expensive than others and this is because the lifestyles of residents vary. This index is a comparison tool and will vary between cities. For instance, the cost of living in Toronto is considerably higher than that of Quebec City. In the same article, I’ll explain why certain cities are more expensive than others. And I’ll also discuss the best cities to live in in Canada if you’re looking for the lowest cost of living.


If you’re a student, Laval may be a good choice for you. Housing costs in Laval start at around 230,000 CAD, which is much cheaper than in other Canadian cities, such as Montreal. Since Laval is located in the province of Quebec, residents also get to save money on taxes. They don’t pay the provincial sales tax, which means they can save a lot of money on housing. Laval also has no health premium tax, which means that if you work in the city, you’ll also pay less than the average person earning that salary in the larger cities.

The cost of housing in Laval is lower than in other places in Canada, and this is partly due to the referendum in Quebec City. However, if you love the natural environment, Laval is a great place to live. Its parks and cycling lanes are some of the most beautiful sights in the city. The cheapest living cost in Canada doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice comfort or quality of life.


If you’re looking for an affordable city to live in, look no further than Rimouski, Canada. This coastal city on Lake Huron is home to 49 thousand people and is home to some of the cheapest living costs in Canada. The average monthly salary is $2,467 and the cost of utilities, transportation, sports, and recreation is a mere $200 per month. With its low taxes and average monthly rent, Rimouski is an excellent choice for those looking for a cheap city to live in.

If you’re a student, Quebec has the lowest tuition fees in the country, making it one of the most affordable places to live in Canada. The largest city in Quebec, Laval is located 30 km northwest of Montreal. Despite the low cost of living, the city of Rimouski boasts a remarkably affordable cost of living, ranking fourth among Canada’s 20 cheapest cities. Aside from being inexpensive, Rimouski is home to some of the best jobs for women in engineering. The city’s beautiful natural setting, however, makes it a desirable location for anyone wanting a relaxed and serene atmosphere.

Sault Ste. Marie

Sault Ste. Marie is an excellent place for renters, who will find it easy to live on a tight budget. The housing costs in this area are very reasonable compared to other Canadian cities. The cost of living here is considerably lower than in other parts of Ontario. Despite its affordability, Sault Ste. Marie has some drawbacks. For instance, renters can’t take advantage of the rising housing prices. While prices have increased recently, the average sale price will probably decrease from the current rate.

The cost of living in Sault Ste. Marie is very affordable, compared to other major cities in Canada. It is home to many jobs in various sectors. Renters will find employment in the manufacturing industry, agriculture, and construction. It is also home to many small businesses, which will keep rent costs low. However, renters should keep in mind that it’s not as cheap as many other Canadian cities. If you are looking for the cheapest living cost in Canada, you should consider Sault Ste. Marie.


Living in Kingston is relatively cheap. Gasoline costs are similar to those across Canada, and local public transportation is inexpensive and efficient. Utility costs are slightly higher than those in other Canadian cities and are much higher if more than one family member is living in an apartment. Despite the high cost of utilities, living in Kingston allows residents to afford a higher quality of life. Kingston residents can purchase more luxury items, like a home theater system and a pool.

Despite the high cost of living in Kingston, the city’s other costs are very reasonable. Groceries, entertainment, clothes, and dining out all cost relatively little. The median salary is $3260 per month, which covers living expenses for about 2.1 months. The cost of living in Kingston is comparable to those in Toronto and is comparable in many other parts of Canada. If you want to get a good job and enjoy living in Kingston, the city’s low cost of living means you can afford to spend your money on other things.

Prince Albert

The third largest city in Saskatchewan, Prince Albert is one of the cheapest places to live in Canada. Located in the heart of the province, on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River, Prince Albert is also known as the Gateway to the North. It is the last major center on the route to northern resources. The city boasts an abundance of wildlife, lakes, and forests. The winter climate is surprisingly mild, resulting in long days and nights with only a few hours of sunlight.

Renting a one-bedroom apartment near the city center costs an average of 705 USD a month. The average cost of groceries and home utilities totals $292 a month. Other expenses, such as transportation, can run a couple about $374 per month. In comparison, the cost of entertainment and recreation is about 80% higher than the average. In addition to food and utilities, entertainment in the city can cost an average of 730 USD per month.


If you’re looking for the cheapest living costs in Canada, Regina, Saskatchewan might be a great choice. Food is cheap here, and transportation is inexpensive. A liter of milk will cost about $1.53, while a half kilogram of bread will cost around $2.16. You can also buy a kilogram of fruit for around $2.70. The city also offers plenty of transportation options, so you can eat out without breaking your budget.

The city has a strong economy and is a great place to raise a family. You’ll find lots of recreation facilities and parks and countless museums and arts and cultural centers, which host events and exhibits throughout the year. You can visit the MacKenzie Art Gallery for some historical art exhibits, as well as contemporary art and musical performances. The Conexus Arts Centre hosts local musicians, and the Globe Theatre is the only permanent professional theatre in Canada.


The city of Edmonton, Alberta, is located on the North Saskatchewan River, 220 kilometers northeast of the Rocky Mountains. It is on the edge of prairies and boreal forest, and its riverside location creates a vast urban parkland network. Edmonton also boasts the longest stretch of connected parkland in North America. This combination of affordable housing, good schools, and recreational activities has made Edmonton one of the cheapest cities to live in Canada.

The average rent in Edmonton is CAN$941 for a one-bedroom apartment, CAD$1,103 for a two-bedroom apartment, and CAD$1,396 for a three-bedroom home. While not exactly cheap, Edmonton residents typically spend more on food, entertainment, and transportation than they do on utilities. In addition, residents are less likely to spend money on leisure and clothing. In addition to saving on rent, residents in Edmonton can save money on expenses by buying their own property. Prices of homes and apartments vary based on size, location, and condition.


If you’re wondering where the cheapest living cost in Canada is, look no further than the southwestern Ontario city of Gatineau. This cosmopolitan city offers residents a low cost of living while also ensuring that their basic needs are met. On average, Gatineau residents spend around $261 per month on groceries and household items. Renting a one-bedroom apartment near the city center costs just 469 USD. Other costs that may affect your budget include transport, home utilities, gym membership, and supermarket expenses. The cost of living in Gatineau is so low, that you can easily afford to live here.

For instance, the average cost of food in Gatineau is lower than in Ottawa, with a cheeseburger costing just 2.70 EUR (3.60 CAD). For drinks, cappuccinos, and espressos are cheaper than in Ottawa. Smoking is more expensive in Gatineau, however, with famous brands costing eleven EUR (14 CAD) per pack. However, these expenses are offset by the fact that most residents are bilingual.


While it’s true that Ottawa has the lowest cost of living in Canada, that doesn’t mean that it’s free. You still have to pay for utilities, internet, and other necessities, which can take up a significant chunk of your monthly budget. In some parts of Ottawa, even the most basic utilities can cost more than $200 per month. Ottawa is also famous for its high-end restaurants and nightlife, which can set you back by $200 or more a night.

While it is true that living costs are much cheaper in Ottawa, the benefits are many. For one, salaries are comparable across dozens of industries. And because of the low cost of living, Ottawa is attractive to people from many different backgrounds. The average salary in Ottawa is $47,500 per year, which is considerably lower than salaries in many other major cities. And because of its low cost of living, people from all over the country and world choose to live in Ottawa.

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