Business Administration at Mohawk College

Business Administration at Mohawk College

In September 2022, Algonquin College, George Brown College, and Mohawk Community College will deliver a new four-year honors degree in Business Administration focused on skilled trades occupations. This first-of-its-kind degree is approved by the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities and will be delivered virtually through the Internet. The degree will be a great fit for skilled trades workers who wish to expand their businesses and advance into management positions.

Business administration program at Mohawk Valley Community College

The Business Administration program at Mohawk Valley Community College offers a number of undergraduates and graduate degree programs. Its undergraduate program includes accounting, American literature, business/managerial economics, computer software and media applications, developmental psychology and child psychology, electrical and electronic engineering technologies, film/video and photographic arts, philosophy and religious studies, and psychology. Graduates from this program can go on to pursue a variety of career options.

The College’s online degree catalog lists the course offerings and the tuition costs for the Business Administration program. Mohawk Valley Community College is ranked as the #414 Community College in the United States and the #26 in New York. Admission to the Business Administration program is open to both students and non-traditional students. It also has transfer agreements with private and public universities throughout the state. Mohawk Valley Community College offers a variety of courses, and there is no application fee or placement test.

The school is the first of its kind in Ontario

The Mohawk College’s McKeil School of Business is named after Blair and Kathy McKeil, proud supporters of the college. The school offers marketing, public relations, and advertising programs as well as office administration. Students can also take part in a variety of sports at the college. The school is also part of the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association and recently opened the David Braley Athletic and Recreation Centre. Students can join the school’s swim, tennis, or soccer teams.

Students have the opportunity to join SURGE, a student organization at Mohawk that enables them to start sustainable businesses. This group provides student mentorship and education, as well as networking opportunities. It also convenes extracurricular entrepreneurial activities such as pitch competitions and business model competitions. The school has a cross-functional advising team that includes general and specialist advisors, as well as peer leaders who support students as tutors.

Mohawk claims to be the largest apprentice trainer in Ontario. At its Stoney Creek Campus, more than 4,000 apprentices are working towards their postsecondary goals. The university is building a 12,000-square-foot apprentice shop, located across from the Gerald Marshall Centre for Transportation. Apprentices from across the campus will work together on large community projects. In addition to classrooms, the new building will also include programmable control labs.

City School by Mohawk is a community-based initiative to break down barriers to education and employment. It has grown by more than 80% since 2015 and is also launching a mobile classroom this fall. The mobile classroom is multipurpose and is being used for training programs in several vocations. There will be two classes offered for each student. If they do not complete both courses, they can take the other one.

Career options for graduates

The vast array of career options available to business administration graduates is vast. Some may seem directly related to the discipline of Business Administration while others may require additional training, experience, or professional formative courses and exams. For more information about career options for Business Administration majors, see the following article: What Are Career Options For Business Administration Graduates? (Chapter 10)

A business administration degree can be valuable in a variety of fields, from finance to information technology. The skills taught by a business administration degree are transferable to a variety of other fields, and it can lead to higher salaries. Some employers may even provide tuition reimbursement to recent graduates. You can also pursue continuing education through university certificates. Online courses are widely available. Some schools even offer free business administration courses. However, not all employers are willing to pay for these courses.

Earning a business administration diploma is only the first step in entering a competitive job market, and specializing is important for enhancing your chances of obtaining a desirable position. It is also beneficial to gain practical experience and work experience. There are many colleges offering specific business programs such as Human Resources, Marketing, and Bookkeeping. Graduates may choose to earn a certificate or a degree in one of these fields.

Graduates of a business administration program will be prepared for careers in many areas, ranging from corporate management to accounting. During the bachelor’s program, students will gain the skills to perform a variety of management roles, including those in management and leadership. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, business majors are more likely to have higher salaries than those in education. The most popular industries for MBA graduates include the energy, health care, and technology industries. The accounting industry includes tax preparation and design, auditing, and preparing financial statements. These businesses manage financial assets and companies, often acquiring control over these firms and influencing management decisions.

Student satisfaction

One of the leading colleges in Canada, Mohawk College is located in Hamilton, Ontario, just 45 minutes north of Toronto. The institution has three campuses, one of which is a City School. Its students include both local residents and international students from 80 countries. Mohawk is the highest-ranked college in the greater Toronto area and has consistently received high marks for student satisfaction. Here are some of the benefits of attending Mohawk College.

The Mohawk College community continues to invest in improving access to their programs by focusing on the needs of Indigenous and first-generation learners. In addition to providing support to students and ensuring that they are successful, the institution works closely with community and business leaders to build relationships and foster positive student outcomes. These partnerships include the establishment of the Joyce Centre for Partnership and Innovation, which is the region’s first net-zero energy building. Students can also work in collaborative environments that partner with the industry on applied research projects.

Aside from providing the highest levels of student satisfaction, Mohawk College’s Business Management program also boasts the highest employment rates in Ontario. According to Mohawk College, 88.4% of its graduates find jobs within six months of graduation. Whether studying abroad or in Canada, it’s essential to select a subject you’re passionate about, as well as the job opportunities that come with it. There’s no better way to ensure success than by choosing a program you’re interested in.

The Mohawk College campus has expanded its learning opportunities, including idea works Centres. The university has also partnered with the Six Nations Polytechnic and is expanding City School by Mohawk. The school also operates a Massage Therapy and Wellness Clinic in partnership with St. Elizabeth Retirement Village. It’s an example of a university that understands the needs and demands of working professionals. Despite the changes in the business world, the college’s business education program has remained a popular option for students.


Students interested in business administration can find a variety of options at the Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology. The college offers an Advanced Diploma in Business Administration-Accounting. There are also a number of undergraduate programs in business/accounting, computer and information sciences, and film/video and photographic arts. Students can join clubs, such as the Dive and Droids, and enjoy activities such as cultural events, award-winning student-run series, and the student government.

On-campus accommodation at Mohawk College consists of 170 suites. Suites come with laundry, kitchen, and maintenance services. International students can apply for these facilities through a lottery system but be advised that demand is high and the applications must be submitted early. Those interested in living off-campus should consider an off-campus facility. The college also has a large number of off-campus options, such as a student residence.

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