Best Universities in the World For Creative Writing

Best Universities in the World For Creative Writing

There are a number of options for those interested in pursuing a degree in creative writing. These universities include Stanford University, Central Washington University, the University of Huddersfield, London Metropolitan University, and the British School of Economics and Political Science. You can also check to see whether alumni of the school have pursued a career in creative writing. The stronger the alumni network, the more likely it is that they can help you find a job when you graduate. Of course, it’s important to consider what kind of general education requirements you’ll have to complete as well.

London Metropolitan University

Students studying creative writing will be exposed to diverse genres of literature. They will study both contemporary and historical genres. In addition, they will learn how to edit their own writing and develop their writing skills across several genres, from literary to commercial. London Metropolitan University also offers creative writing courses for adults. This university is renowned for its academic standards, and its English literature degree is one of the best in the UK.

A degree in literature and creative writing has many advantages, and it will open up numerous career options. This field is so vast, that it is possible to pursue a Ph.D. or even a postgraduate degree in the field. Besides, if you are interested in pursuing advanced degrees in literature, creative writing is a good choice. Many students go on to earn doctoral degrees and even become academics and professors.

Students studying English literature can take courses at one of the top three universities in the UK. The university is ranked 1794 in Webometrics, a web-based ranking system. In the most recent Good University Guide by Subject, London Metropolitan University ranked 63 in English literature. In addition to creative writing, the university also offers a degree in history and English literature. It is highly regarded for its innovative research and teaching.

The course offers a two-year MSt in creative writing that develops students’ flexible writing skills and critical thinking. The university has an award-winning newsroom and an industry-based advisory panel. Students benefit from internships and work placements, as well as a variety of other opportunities organized by MiC. The university also offers a research placement where students will develop their writing voice and gain experience in a real-world environment.


The Stanford University Creative Writing Program was founded by noted writer Wallace Stegner in 1946. Students can major or minor in English with an emphasis in creative writing, and choose from a variety of track options. The university also offers a Stegner Fellowship that funds the work of five young writers each year. Undergraduate students may also pursue creative writing through one of the program’s three minors, such as fiction, poetry, or graphic novels.

The undergraduate English program at Stanford University is highly regarded and offers courses on academic prose, readings, and the epic in the European tradition. Graduate students can complete the program in six years. The school is divided into three traditional schools, four professional schools, and 40 departments. Graduate programs are offered in business, law, and education. The university is ranked among the best universities for creative writing and English literature.

The creative writing program at Stanford is one of the strongest in the country. There are outstanding faculty, a strong community, and many opportunities to publish. Students can take workshop courses and work as editorial assistants at the “Epoch” magazine. The university also has the only American university to produce three Nobel Prize-winning writers, Pearl S. Buck, Barbara McClintock, and Toni Morrison.

Whether or not a school is a good choice depends on the course offerings and the student’s interests. If the school emphasizes fiction, don’t choose it if your main interest is poetry. Then again, if you want to write sonnets, don’t choose a school with a creative writing program that focuses on English or fiction. You’ll be required to take English courses in addition to creative writing workshops, so be sure to take an English course, if possible.

University of Huddersfield

The University of Huddersfield is a public university in Yorkshire, England. It consistently ranks among the top 100 universities in the UK and has been rated high by both Times Higher Education and QS. Its history dates back to 1896, and the university was once a Mechanics’ Institute. In fact, the institution was so named in honor of its founder, Harold Wilson, who visited the town to give a lecture. In the same year, the university was named the College of Technology, and in 1985, a separate building was named after him. Now, the university is also home to the Harold Wilson Memorial Lecture, which is held annually and features prominent speakers like former Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Creative writing is an integral part of English literature classes at the University of Huddersfield. Students learn to explore and hone their skills through reading great works. They develop their skills in writing and presenting their work in the appropriate media. The course also helps students develop other transferable skills, including critical thinking, research, and communication. This makes it one of the best universities for creative writing.

A degree in literature and creative writing can lead to a number of different careers. If you’re a skilled writer, you can find a job in journalism, as a web content manager, an editor, or even a public relations officer. You can also choose to learn other languages, including those related to literature. Ultimately, whatever your choice, a creative writing degree will open up new doors for you.

Central Washington University

If you’re looking for a creative writing program at an undergraduate university, there are many choices out there. You should look at the faculty, the course offerings, and the overall reputation of the school. Generally, a school that has a stellar MFA program is also likely to have strong graduate students, a good reputation among alumni, and a well-established English department. Then, you can check out the course offerings and decide if they fit your needs best.

This school has many notable alumni. Its most recent graduating class was overwhelmingly white (68% of the class were white). Additionally, the school is home to three master’s degree programs in creative writing. In the 2020 class alone, three graduates will be awarded master’s degrees in creative writing. Of the three, all but one were white and all were white. And in the master’s program, the average salary of graduates will be around $54,000.

A master’s degree in creative writing is also available from Central Washington University. Students will learn to write for different audiences using an array of styles and genres. This degree program is highly practical, combining the rigor of creative writing with practical elements of technical writing and professional writing. Upon graduation, students can pursue a career in any area of creative writing or proceed directly into SU’s MFA program.

If you’re looking for a university that offers an online bachelor’s degree in English, consider Central Washington University’s Bachelor of Arts in English with Professional and Creative Writing. This degree program will give you the skills necessary to succeed in the world of professional and creative writing. In the program, you’ll learn to write for a variety of mediums, including print and online. Unlike many programs, however, you won’t have the luxury of taking classes on campus.


If you’re interested in a career in writing, then the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a great place to get your start. This world-renowned school offers both introductory writing courses and advanced writing coursework in fiction, nonfiction, and science writing. You can also study creative writing in the renowned MIT Creative Writing Program. If you’re looking for a challenging and creative writing curriculum, MIT has what you’re looking for.

Before choosing a university, you’ll want to look at the creative writing courses available. The courses offered at any given school will depend on what you’re interested in, so you don’t want to enroll in a program that’s too general. For example, if you’d like to write sonnets, don’t enroll in a program that focuses on fiction. In addition to the writing courses, students in creative writing programs will take courses in English as part of their curriculum.

Students can major in creative writing at MIT, but they won’t necessarily have to study it exclusively. If you’re interested in writing in the scientific world, MIT offers a program in creative science writing, but it doesn’t have a dedicated program for creative writing. MIT also offers courses in digital media and film, and its students have won more Nobel prizes than any other school in the world.

If you’re serious about writing, you’ll want to choose a university with a dedicated creative writing program. MIT’s undergraduate creative writing program is one of the best in the country. The faculty includes award-winning authors and the alumni community includes the likes of Meghan Markle, Stephen Colbert, and Veronica Roth. Students can take part in extracurricular activities that will allow them to hone their skills.

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