Best Courses After 12th Commerce With High Salary

Best Courses After 12th Commerce With High Salary

After you have finished your secondary education, you can pursue any of these courses to start a successful career. The best courses to pursue after 12th commerce include BCom, CA, CS, and Bachelor of Business Administration. You can also take up courses in the financial markets or mass media. This article will guide you through the process of choosing the best course after 12th commerce. However, it should be noted that the salary for each of these courses varies from person to person. Therefore, you need to understand your own interest level and future plans to select the best career option.

Bachelor of Business Administration

After completing the final years of school, the BBA program offers a wide range of employment options. This course can lead to lucrative career options in finance, marketing, accounting, and other related fields. Additionally, students can pursue other courses like journalism, fashion design, and hospitality management. They can also pursue academic careers such as teaching in schools and lecturing in professional institutes. The top pay for BBA graduates makes it a worthwhile investment for students.

The best career options after completing the 12th commerce degree are in finance and industry. The finance and industry sectors offer a diverse array of job opportunities and handsome salaries. Depending on your experience and your role in a company, you can expect a salary of anywhere between ten and fifteen thousand dollars per month. The senior-level of analyst can expect to earn in excess of fifty thousand dollars per year.

If you’re interested in careers in tourism or finance, BBA courses are a great choice. This course provides a solid foundation in the various aspects of hotel engineering and food service. Students will develop their communication skills, learn how to handle data, and gain knowledge in accounting, taxation, and human resources. BBAs also provide a solid understanding of the law. A BBA will help you make a significant impact on the economy, boosting your salary to the sky!

This degree is ideal for students who want to pursue a career in business. The degree program will equip students with a solid foundation in a variety of business fields and will prepare them for postgraduate study. Graduates with this degree are highly sought-after by many multinational companies. In addition, it’s not uncommon to find jobs in government after completing the 12th commerce program. So if you’re interested in a career in business, get your BBA and start earning your dream salary. You’ll be well on your way to a fulfilling career!

Bachelor of Mass Media

After completing your twelfth commerce, you can take up a three-year undergraduate course in Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM) to work in the media industry. BMM programs are designed to teach you the technical and essential skills necessary for the media industry. With a Bachelor of Mass Media, you can work in a variety of settings, including the film industry and advertising agencies. You can earn a high salary by working in one of these fields.

If you are interested in the field of media, you can choose to pursue a Bachelor of Mass Media after your 12th commerce course. This program takes about three years to complete and is a great fit for people who are passionate about spreading important information. Students will gain skills in media production, news writing, advertising, and media management. In addition, the program prepares you for a career in a variety of fields, including journalism.

A BA in mass media after 12th provides the student with a thorough knowledge of the subject matter. Students are introduced to the theory and methodological aspects of media studies, as well as the practice and research of mass media. In addition to this, students learn about the different components of the media, which includes film, television, radio, and print. A degree in mass media takes three years and a minimum of 50% in class 12.

The demand for journalists is growing in India, with more than five new news channels coming up every year. With a Bachelor of Mass Media, you can advance to a high-paying position in a relatively short period of time. The career opportunities are endless for people with strong leadership qualities and excellent communication skills. And with a Bachelor of Mass Media after 12th commerce, you’ll receive a high-paying salary!

The media industry in India is booming, with over five new TV channels opening every year. The field offers many opportunities for freshers and those who have the ability to work hard can quickly climb the ladder to a good post. Popular designations include assistant director, producer, cameraman, video jockey, and writer. The media industry offers many job opportunities, but a Bachelor of Mass Media degree can also help you advance in a number of ways.

Bachelor of Hotel Management

Taking up a course in hotel management after your matriculation will open up a number of job opportunities. The hospitality industry is growing exponentially and offers excellent career opportunities for graduates. Fresh graduates can also gain valuable experience by joining the hotel industry as trainees. Besides, a Bachelor of Hotel Management course can earn you a handsome salary. If you’re looking for an exciting career in hotel management, this is the course for you!

This three-year postgraduate course teaches the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for key operational positions in hotels. It is a specialized field, and applicants must have at least 50% marks in their 12th-grade examinations to be eligible to enroll in the program. Depending on the institution, admission to the program may require the successful completion of an entrance exam. Students should read their own syllabus for the entrance exam.

In addition, the BHM course can be completed in three years. The course requires an applicant to have a 50% higher education mark and English language proficiency of at least intermediate level. The entrance examination will be held to select the candidates. After the entrance exam, the student will be ranked according to the criteria for admission and a competitive salary. This is a three-year course that is a rewarding career choice.

The hospitality industry has expanded across the country. There are many international hotel chains and Indian firms that have introduced hospitality-related jobs. Those with a Bachelor’s degree in this field can expect a prestigious salary and career. And, as long as they have the right knowledge, the opportunities are limitless. With a Bachelor of Hotel Management degree, you’ll enjoy many perks. You can also opt to start your own hotel.

Whether you’re looking for a higher level of education or an exciting career in hospitality, this course is a smart choice. Not only does it provide a solid education, but it also gives you hands-on experience in the industry. This experience will help you make a strong foundation for a rewarding hospitality career. You’ll be able to work with the latest technology and continue to grow as a professional in this field.

Bachelor of Financial Markets

If you are interested in working in the banking sector, a Bachelor of Financial Markets degree can be a good choice. This degree has an average salary of $60,000 and fees of $6,000 and falls under BCOM and BBA. It is a great way to get into the business world and earn a high salary. You can also choose to pursue an MBA to get the most high-paying jobs in the industry.

This three-year course is offered by various colleges and universities across India. Some colleges accept direct admissions while others will conduct entrance exams. Once you have your degree in hand, you can start working. You can also pursue further qualifications, such as Chartered Accountancy if you wish. The scope of B. Com Financial Markets is global, with high salary expectations abroad. This degree program is a great fit for individuals interested in becoming financial analysts and traders.

The course offers excellent training and a variety of job opportunities. You will have a chance to interact with industry experts, complete an industrial project, and learn about the laws and regulations that govern financial markets. The course also teaches you how to handle losses, and maintain records. You can choose to study the course online or at a local college. The benefits of pursuing BFM after 12th commerce are endless.

While applying for B.Com Financial Markets, you need to have the right qualifications. The qualifying degree scores are usually important. Some colleges may also consider scores from entrance exams. If you want to apply for this program, you will need to fill out an application form for a particular college. Once you have been accepted, the college will release your admission notification on their website. You will have to take some tests, including GD/PI rounds.

BCom students can also choose to work in the field of finance. By completing the course, students can pursue careers as investment bankers, stockbrokers, financial managers, and cost accountants. A career in the banking sector is a great way to earn a high salary, and BFM students have excellent job prospects. These graduates can even become financial managers and advisers. The benefits of pursuing this course are endless.

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