Best Apps For Teachers to Communicate With Parents

Best Apps For Teachers to Communicate With Parents

If you are a teacher looking for the best apps to communicate with parents, there are several great options. These apps can help you communicate with parents and keep track of their child’s behavior. Some of these apps keep track of attendance and behavior at school and also allow parents to see what their child is doing at home. ParentView is a cross-platform app that works on both Android and ios devices. This app can help you and your child develop a rapport by helping both parties understand how their child is developing.


While school communication applications are useful for many reasons, one of the best features of this app is its ability to translate messages into more than 70 different languages. In addition, it offers real-time communication with teachers and enables the sharing of materials and other resources. Other benefits of SchoolMessenger include its ability to send emergency messages, attendance notifications, and other alerts to students and parents. It also allows full site access and translation into various languages.

The SchoolMessenger app is designed to be the go-to communications app for teachers and parents. It provides one app for all communications, allowing teachers and parents to communicate with each other from any location. With the app, parents can review notifications from district-level and classroom-level administrators, as well as important student data. Using this app is free for both parents and students. The SchoolMessenger app is available for iOS and Android.

One of the biggest advantages of this app is that it allows teachers to share important information with parents, which helps them improve parent-teacher communication. Parents no longer have to worry about losing important notes written on paper. SchoolMessenger also allows parents to view teachings that have been missed. Parents can access all the information they need with a single click. You can share important information about your child with your parents through the app.


ClassDojo makes communication with parents easy. The app includes tools for teachers to communicate with parents such as daily messages, class newsletters, and group makers. It also allows teachers to create and share learning activities and responses, and to track submissions and feedback. The app has partnered with leading universities to create lessons and resources on topics like positive thinking, empathy, and mindfulness. Teachers can create lesson plans with the help of co-teachers.

The app lets teachers share students and classes with parents. The app also allows teachers to give points to students for good choices and bad. In addition, parents can view and give feedback to their children. This app is quick and simple to use and can be opened on any device. The app also lets parents view and respond to messages from teachers in real-time. It supports the Empowered Learner 1c curriculum.

One of the most helpful features of ClassDojo is its ability to add groups. Teachers can create as many groups as they need to keep in contact with parents. The app also offers a variety of educational resources, including back-to-school resources, ideas for remote learning, and tips for integrating ClassDojo with an LMS. Despite its free version, ClassDojo also offers paid versions that offer more features and additional support.


If you’re a teacher who struggles to communicate with parents, you’ll want to download the Appletree app. This free app, developed by Chatter, Inc., combines a wide range of features from various platforms to create an easy-to-use platform for teachers and parents to communicate. The app’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to use, eliminating the need for a complicated paper trail and time-consuming individual email correspondence. It also enables teachers to send class updates, and 1-touch progress reports, maintain an interactive calendar and send messages. And it’s compatible with both iOS and Android phones.

Unlike many other apps, Appletree lets teachers share updates with parents in real-time, which makes it convenient for busy educators. Teachers can also share class updates and solicit parent volunteers with the app’s built-in messaging feature. The app’s multilingual capabilities make it easier for teachers to communicate with parents. Teachers can also send text messages and e-mails to parents, which makes the process of communicating with parents faster and easier than ever.

Another useful feature of Appletree is its ability to integrate with other tools like Google Drive and Quizlet. It enables teachers to post announcements in real-time, post homework, and notify parents in specific groups. Another important feature of Appletree is its ability to connect multiple teachers and administrators. Users can also create a class blog. It also integrates with Google Drive and Quizlet, as well as with various other programs.


Remind is an effective way to keep in touch with your parents. It is free for classroom use, but if you want to use advanced features like LMS integration and voice calling, you must sign up for a paid plan. Luckily, you can try out Remind’s free classroom plan for ten classes with 150 participants. Here’s how to get started:

Remind’s messaging service is an effective way to keep in contact with parents and students. It offers customizable alerts for important events. It supports over 90 languages, making it easy to communicate with people from different places. Messages sent with Remind can be translated into any language, making it easy for non-native English speakers to participate in discussions. Teachers can create groups for specific purposes and customize the messages sent to them to keep everyone updated.

Remind and Bloomz offer similar functionality. Both are secure, so parents’ personal information is never disclosed to any third party. Teachers can send updates and reminders to parents without fear of compromising privacy. Although Remind is a popular choice among teachers, Bloomz offers more features. It lets you create a profile for each student, assign work, review students’ work, and maintain student portfolios.


In an increasingly digital age, communication between teachers and parents is becoming a necessity. With ClassTag, teachers can keep parents up to date on what is happening in their child’s classroom. They can post an announcement, request volunteers or collect donations, and easily share class information with parents. Moreover, ClassTag has an in-built backpack for each student that lets teachers organize all the files related to the students.

This cloud-based app helps teachers communicate with parents through a variety of channels. It’s available on both the web and as an app for both Android and iOS. Parents can view updates and information from any device, anytime, anywhere. Parents can also sign up to help with various activities in their child’s class. They can also access the directory of other parents and elect to be included in it.

One of the most helpful features of this app is its capacity to organize events related to the school. You can post events and attach requests for volunteers and items for the event. ClassTag sends out reminders automatically and even lets you add RSVP forms. The “Create Event” page is the primary place where you can schedule events and requests. If you’re looking for a more detailed interface, you can purchase the premium version of ClassTag.


A class website and app, Class123 is an effective and educational tool for educators. It has a built-in chalkboard and timer, which a teacher can use to monitor students’ behavior. A teacher can set individual and whole-class goals, and reward students for various activities. A teacher can use the app to help students learn new skills or build positive peer pressure. The app lets teachers manage classroom rules and expectations, and is designed for display at all times.

The app can be used on a PC or a mobile device, and it has three different versions to meet the needs of various users. The main interface is user-friendly, with a vertical bar that hosts teaching tools and a horizontal bar that hosts management tools. The app also features gamification features and lets teachers communicate with parents and students through messages. There are many more benefits of using Class123, including gamification and a link to parents.

One of the best features of Class123 is its ability to manage classrooms. It offers many tools for classroom management, including a timer, seating chart, random picker, and goal tracker. This allows teachers to monitor student behavior and communicate with parents and other educators. Parents can also upload images and share positive behavior with the teacher. In addition to this, the app also comes with a ‘wow camera’ and fun filters for taking pictures.

Collaborize Classroom

In the current educational era, the best way to keep parents informed about the progress of their children is to maintain an open dialogue with them. This is what Collaborize Classroom is all about. It’s an online discussion platform that allows teachers to post content to an exclusive community of parents. This platform makes it easy for teachers to share lesson plans, reminders, and other information with parents.

Using this application helps teachers and parents establish strong bonds. It’s easy to communicate with parents through a common forum, send last-minute messages, and post photos of the class. You can even send photos of the classroom and your students, which can give parents an idea of what your child is learning in class. Lastly, you can share ideas with other teachers in the community, if you want.

Another feature of Collaborize Classroom is its ability to track attendance, grades, and other information. It also offers notifications about behavior for parents and educators. Parents can use this app to view their child’s grades, check their attendance, and even submit absentee letters. Parents can also find information on the classroom calendar. Teachers can add and delete notes to their class and share them with parents or education administrators.

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