American University Jobs in the UAE

American University Jobs in the UAE


The American University is a private, federally chartered research university in Washington, D.C. It is located on a 90-acre campus in the Spring Valley neighborhood of Northwest D.C. The university has an international reputation for its research, teaching, and service, and has a growing student body.

Job description

To apply for an American University job in the UAE, visit the AUE career portal. This website is free and has no recruitment or agency fees. Simply click on the link that relates to the job vacancy. You will then be able to see the full job description. If you have the relevant skills and qualifications, you can apply.

To be considered for an Assistant/Associate Professor position, you should have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college. If your degree is from a foreign country, you will need attested certificates that have been approved by the Ministry of Education in your country. In addition, you should have at least two years of teaching experience. The job description will detail any other requirements you will need to fulfill.

Job requirements

American University is one of the most selective schools in the country and is also one of the most politically active. It is also a center of the arts in the city of Washington, DC. Many jobs at the school feature flexible schedules, including part-time, freelance, and telecommuting arrangements. If you want to pursue a job at the university, you need to have a good education, relevant experience, and a good work ethic.

Attested certificates

To work in the UAE, applicants need to have their US-issued degrees and certificates legally attested. The process is simple, but takes time. First, US-issued documents must be authenticated in the USA before being attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Once the documents are authenticated, they can be used for a variety of purposes, including visa applications.

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) strongly advises that expatriates follow the proper procedures to get their documents attested. A reputable attestation service provider will be able to complete the process quickly and accurately.


The American University in UAE (AUD) is a private institution of higher learning that serves both UAE citizens and international students. Its goal is to create a welcoming, global campus that promotes understanding, diversity, and mutual respect. Currently, the university is seeking applicants with a Ph.D. in Mathematics or a closely related field, as well as experience teaching at the undergraduate level.

Applicants interested in a job with the university should be capable of conducting research, publishing papers in academic journals, and representing the university at conferences. They must also meet the standards for personal professional scholarship, and be willing to participate in curriculum development and student advising. The compensation for these positions is based on an expat model and includes housing, annual two-way airfare, health insurance, professional memberships, conference attendance expenses, and assistance with children’s tuition.


American University jobs in the UAE offer a range of benefits and services to students and recent graduates. These include access to seven colleges, the Library and Career Services Center, and opportunities to build professional relationships. Additionally, graduates can take advantage of the American University in the Emirates Alumni Office to gain career advice and connections.

As a teacher of English in the United Arab Emirates, you can expect to earn between 11,000 AED and fifteen thousand AED per month. This is approximately $3,300 to $4,500 USD per month. Your salary will depend on your education and the number of years of certified teaching experience you have. In addition, you will benefit from housing, health insurance and a contract completion bonus.


American University is a private, federally chartered research university in Washington, D.C. Its campus spans 90 acres, mostly in the Spring Valley neighborhood of Northwest D.C., and is located on Ward Circle. Job opportunities at American University are diverse, ranging from administrative positions to research assistantships.

The American University in the UAE is looking for Assistant/Associate Professors of Mathematics to teach at the University. Applicants must have experience teaching mathematics and have significant teaching potential. Other qualifications include service to the university and a personal professional scholarship.

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