Accounting Courses in Canada For International Students

Accounting Courses in Canada For International Students

If you want to study Accounting in Canada, you have a few choices. You can choose between full-time, part-time, online, and distance-learning courses. By using a course matcher tool, you can find the best school for your goals. In Canada, ACCA courses are taught at McGill University. The best schools are ranked according to their financial aid package, course length, and student satisfaction.


TSoM offers two-year ACCA preparation courses. As a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), students will gain a highly sought-after professional credential. An ACCA is recognized globally, and membership opens up many career paths in finance. TSoM also offers a range of business programs, including a Certificate in Business Essentials Co-op.

The University of Toronto’s TSoM campus has a reputation for providing students with the highest quality courses. With numerous industry awards and accreditations, TSoM offers a wide variety of programs. The most popular focus areas are business, technology, hospitality, and education. These areas are booming, and TSoM students are well-equipped to enter those fields. TSoM accounting courses in Canada for international students have a long list of benefits.

TSoM offers full-time and part-time study programs. The University offers a wide range of career options and guarantees co-op placements for graduates who complete their programs. Located in the city of Toronto, TSoM’s campus attracts students from more than 75 different countries. Regardless of your financial situation, TSoM’s diversified curriculum is sure to prepare you for the future.

Toronto School of Management is a diverse business school, with a wide range of programs for international students. Its campus is surrounded by leading North American companies, and students from all over the world can attend classes. Moreover, students can work part-time or full-time during their studies, or during scheduled breaks. This allows students to earn money while studying in Canada. The campus also has many cultural activities to keep students busy while in school.

Besides accounting courses, TSoM also offers a range of diplomas. For example, the Diploma in Business Administration program takes one year to complete. It prepares graduates for various roles within different fields. Those looking to pursue international business careers will benefit from the Diploma in International Business. The diploma is a one-year program that teaches students how to conduct international business. In addition to accounting, TSoM offers many other programs that prepare students for various roles in the international business world.

Besides being highly valuable for the international student community, accounting universities in Canada offer excellent job opportunities for graduates. These programs can lead to a number of different careers, including starting your own business or pursuing higher education. In addition, Canadian students enjoy a high rate of job security. The ROI of their studies is high, and they can expect to earn at least 43,546 USD per year upon graduation.

McGill University

If you’re looking for an undergraduate program in accounting, you may be interested in studying at McGill University. These courses will help you understand how to interpret financial information. You can also take accounting courses at McGill to become more familiar with the business environment. The university offers several programs for international students, including the Master of Accounting and Finance degree program. This program is available to international students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

In addition to providing undergraduate courses, the university also offers a range of graduate programs. Depending on your specific goals, you may wish to complete a diploma in accounting in Canada before enrolling in the master’s program. If you already have a diploma, you can also enter the master’s program directly after graduation. Alternatively, some universities require courses in Canadian taxation or finance before entering the master’s program.

In order to apply to the GCPA program, international students must have an intermediate-level education or a class 12 degree. For this, they must have at least a 60% average in class 12th. They must also have good academic records, and many universities have interview processes to choose students. Students who have high extracurricular activities are usually given preference. If you are interested in studying accounting at McGill University, you should consider the following guidelines:

The cost of tuition for an international student with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting at McGill University varies according to the degree program you select. A typical cost is ten thousand to twenty-five thousand Canadian dollars (CAD) for a four-year Bachelor’s program. For postgraduate students, however, you can expect to pay up to 40,000 CAD annually. It’s a good idea to budget around 900-150 CAD a month, as these expenses cover basic necessities.

For students looking for a top-quality education, McGill University is a top choice. Compared to other countries in the world, Canada is much cheaper to live in and study in. Most Canadian accounting schools offer student aid jobs to help international students pay their way. You may be surprised by the savings that you make! With so many advantages to choose from, studying in Canada is the right decision for international students. The advantages of studying abroad are well worth the investment. You can earn a good degree while working in a foreign country.

While the universities in Canada are top-rated in many categories, Toronto and McGill both score highly on international student diversity. In terms of reputation and diversity, McGill has a slightly higher faculty-to-student ratio. And when it comes to research, McGill leads the pack with more than ten research citations per faculty member. However, you should consider the differences when deciding which one to attend.


Among the many benefits of ACCA courses in Canada for international students is international recognition. In Canada, CPAs hold only professional accounting credentials, and ACCA courses are an excellent alternative for those students who wish to pursue a career in accounting. ACCA is a global accountancy qualification, recognized in many countries, which makes it attractive to international students. Those who choose to pursue a career in accountancy in Canada must complete nine papers and gain three years of relevant work experience.

The University of Toronto Scarborough offers an embedded ACCA Master’s program. Students with a MAccFin degree have direct entry into the ACCA Strategic Professional Level examinations. Moreover, ACCA-affiliated graduates have access to advanced standing in Schulich programs. And if they are interested in pursuing an MBA degree from a top business school in Canada, they can opt for an ACCA-accredited program at the University of Toronto Scarborough.

The cost of ACCA courses in Canada for international students varies widely. Most of them require full tuition, but some can take advantage of early bird discounts to save money. Some institutions offer $2800 CAD off their tuition fees when registering by January 15.

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